May 20, 2011

Review+swatches: BeautyUK Pearl Liners


Remember my hype about the BeautyUK Pearl liner a while back?
I liked it so much, that I got myself the rest of the shades too!

Eclipse, Sorceress, Purple Haze

Blue Lagoon, Oceania, Stardust

Stardust (again) , Sphinx, Rich Mahogany

They are all the same quality, none is less pigmented, less wet or dry or anything. They all have almost phenomenal staying power, my swatches lasted two days (and two showers!) without taking almost any damage.
Some may find it as a bad thing, I think it's great that it won't come off unless I wanted to go off. The only problem is that these are a bit too wet, so you may need to first draw a line, wait a moment, and then enhance the line with another stroke.

+ : I love the color selection, the tip is thin and sturdy enough, and they'll last almost anything.
: Bit too wet, might need to layer them to get even color.


True silver.

True yellow gold.

Turquiose, reminds me of Gosh's turquioise extreme art liner, but this on is paler, not so teal as the Gosh's liner.

Not black, but dark blueish purple grey with multicolored sparkles.

Rich Mahogany:
On BeautyUK's website this looks more red, but in the real life this is beautiful warm shimmery brown.

Dark beautiful purple.

Blue Lagoon:
Super electric blue.

Purple Haze:
Almost electric purple.
These swatches won't really do justice to these, they are so bright and vibrant in real life! I hope I'll find time and inspiration to do some looks with these soon.

Get them here:


  1. omg these look like dupes of the urban decay liquid liners! The colour pigmentation looks amazing, I'll defo have a look next time I'm in Superdrug! <3

  2. wow..those liners are amazing.... I can't decide wich one I like most....amazing...and so so pigmented....I fell in love badly with these...

  3. Yaay :D Ootan innolla omiani postista. Jännää nähdä mitä meikkejä luot noilla ihanuuksilla!

  4. I love the shape of the bottles!!!

  5. The bottle shape is awesome! I love sorceress and mahogany! Great swatches!!

  6. Wow those are all beautiful!

  7. These are so beautiful and extreamly pigmented. Great swatches! thanks for posting

  8. Gorgeous! Will have to look for them next time I'm in the UK x

  9. These look amazing! O___O Sphinx, Stardust and Rich Mahogany are my favourites.

  10. You were nominated: :)

  11. Truly amazing colors! Blue & gold are my favorites..
    Thanks for sharing!
    Marusya V

  12. I have this one in Blue Lagoon and it's awesome :) love your blog.


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