Mar 4, 2011

Toxic Illamasqua - Endless Inspiration

I got awesome package from Illamasqua!

Illamasqua's Spring/Summer collection is called Toxic Nature, and again it's the source of huuuge inspiration for me.
Looks aren't exactly pretty (at  least not in the way we describe pretty), but still the colors, ideas etc inspire me a lot.

My personal favourite look was on the leaflet:

And so I tried to recreate it.

 I would LOVE to say that Mad Hatter was also part of my inspiration, but no, it was only the Illamasqua pic :D

Bugs! they are TOXIC NATURE!

Quite dolly :3

I love the idea of turquoise freckles !

 So, how about the collection itself? The products?

In this collection Illamasqua releases completely new product,
Cream pigments.
 Available in six shades there's quite a lot to play with. They can be used as shadow, blush, lipcolor, countouring, concealing....

 I got four shades;
Mould, Hollow, Dab and Delirium.

  Because every Spring collection needs a touch of darkness, this grape is stunning as a base for a smoky eye or intense, statement lip.
Mould is stunning dark (kinda red based) brownish purple/plum. It's extremely opaque, and works great as a base for darker eyeshadow look, as well as true dark lipcolor.

 This rose taupe shade is fantastic for contouring pale – olive skin tones, as well as healthy flush to all skintones as a blusher and as a soft lip colour.

 Delirium is really neutral shade, real multi-use product. You can also create quite cool eye makeup with this one!

 This gentle lilac is beautiful for eyes lips and cheeks, especially for a 60s look.

So true. My favourite of these! This really is great  color for 60's look, both on lips and eyes. This is extremely opaque as well, little amount is enough for a lot!

  This toffee shade is perfect as a contour on paler skintones. It also works brilliantly as an eye shadow base on olive – darker skintones.

 I'm pale, so if I learn to use creamy contouring, I just might find this useful. I haven't really tried this yet, so I don't yet have an opinion on this :P

Here's swatches:
Other products:

 Purity Nail Varnish:

My husband said that my hand looked like corpse's hand when I wore this :D  I don't don't think that this really works that well in my pale fingers, but I would assume this is great for darker skintones.

 Lip products:

Sheer lipgloss Torture:
 ORANGE is the word for this one in tube.
Since this is a sheer lipgloss, not intense (which I love), it's not that orange on lips:

 How ever, I love the texture. Usually lipglosses tend to be sticly, but I haven't got any problems with Illamasqua's lipglosses.

Flare lipstick:

 If torture was ORANGE on tube this one is orange everywhere. It's so orange, that it's almost wrong NOT to write 'orange' in caps :D

This has a bit the same problem as the other Illamasqua lipsticks, it's a bit dry. But it blends well, is opaque and in this case hothothothot ORANGE!

If you're planning to take just one of them, STOP RIGHT NOW.
You need BOTH.
 Mix them together, and you'll start fires with your lips!

Toxic Nature Collection launches online 10th March, and in UK stores 17th March 2011.
Make your own wishlist at, and you have a chance to win your wishlist!


  1. Love the post and wearing Illamasqua's orange nail polish Gamma :D

  2. OMG that's AWSOME!!! I'm jealous of your package but no one could have recreated this better than you!!!!

  3. I love Purity!!
    And you did a great job on the look! It is kind of Mad Hatter-esque, huh?
    I actually like yours better than the Illamasqua press release, LOL.

  4. Wow...I love those pictures!! It's so great that you can use these products on your eyes, lips, face. Oh, and you recreated the look fabulously as always!! =)

  5. Wow, this is so beautiful! Your recreation is amazing! Awesome job!

  6. That's a nice, different look!
    Ps. I commented on your blogsale, check it out :)!

  7. All the products are amazing :D

  8. Wow... you leave me breathless as always! Your recreation is just stunning, and your photos of it superb!

  9. You're an amazing artist. I became your fan.

  10. i like your version, but those pictures are so wrong . i love the swatches, but ill never would think about buying them after those pictures . turnoff for me

  11. Your artistry is awesomessssss.

    Nice package. DAMN that lipstick is bright. I could not pull that off, lol.

  12. Fab! The look is just gorgeous on you & in the promo images. I'm very interested to try out the cream pigments- what do you think of the texture on eyes & lips? Any creasing or dryness?

    Also, if that's Purity on your nails in the 3rd & 4th pics of yourself, then I may have to respectfully disagree w/ your hubby- I think it looks nice and soft in you!

    I will say that I don't love the texture of illamasqua's gloss- I already have torture, and I find it's very heavy and tends to gravitate toward the corners of my mouth & gum up. As much as I love the colors, I usually find myself wiping them off soon after applying :(

  13. Those promo images have stolen my heart - like a Mark Ryden painting come to life.

    I am definately eyeing up those eyeshadow creams! x

  14. I have the promo image that you recreated as my background right now--you did a kickass job! That one was my fave too.

    This collex is so pretty! Those cream pigments look so lovely and creamy and just wonderful!

  15. Wow! that orange lip color is amazing.

  16. love it, love the bugs and butterflies <3


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