Mar 2, 2011

Avon Calling!

Sorry for not posting, I've had a busy week with *stuff*

I had job interview, flu, quality time with family and frieds... :D
But now I'm back to tell you that Avon is actually good :D

Don't ask me why, but I've always thought that brands like Avon, Oriflame, Yves Rocher are all "not-so-good" quality, but Avon just proved me wrong.

I got four pencils and one eyeshadow palette to try, and I have nothing to complain about these.
Pricing is good, so is the package and pigmentation.

First Avon True Colour palette in Electric Lace:

Package is simple but classy.

I just love the lace pattern here!

It reminds me lot of Lancome's Color Focus palettes.

Colors are pigmented and pretty, and this is a great palette to take with you, since it has all the colors you need, lighter shade for inner corner, darker to outer corner, dark to crease and light to highlight.

And here's the pencils, which have become one my favourites:

They are soft, sparkly, quite long lasting and pretty.
Emerald Glow is the worst of this bunch, it's really hard to apply so it really would look green rather than grayish.

And last a make done with Avon palette and Sugar Plum pencil:

I'll try to write more posts soon, but now I'm off to get mystery package from post office and then to hairdresser <3

PS. I still have some items available at my blogsale:


  1. I've got a glitter eyeliner from Avon that I love. I'm going to have to check the next catalogue more carefully for their eyeshadow palettes :)

  2. love the colors well pigmented

  3. Wow! they look gorgeous! The Super-shock eyeliner from Avon it's also amazing, it's really black and last all day!

    Kisses from Spain! I love your blog!!


  4. You're amazing! I honestly bought all of those quads and eventually gave them away because I didn't like the way they came out on me! You're making me want to make the investment again, lol!

  5. I have that quad too, I really love it!

  6. Beautiful! I don't see a lot of swatched Avon but this looks lovely--makes me want to look into Avon.

  7. Wow, from Avon? I'm surprised. That is a gorgeous look you created.

  8. ONLY product from Avon that i like is Supershock eyeliner . Pixiwoo mentioned it as best cheap black eyeliner and i got to have it . and its GOOD !

  9. I have some Avon products, lipsticks mostly and are very good. The problem I have with Avon is that (at least where I live) it's more like an "older woman" brand and the products are mostly boring. When I saw this post and swatches I went online to the Avon website of my country and they don't sell any of these products here. I hate that, it's so annoying!

  10. I love the look of that Sugar Plum pencil and the palette, so I most definitely love the eye look that you did with both products! :3

  11. I ordered Lace Hues palette and Jillian Dempsey professional Khol in Plum at monday :). I can´t wait to get them. Actually, my first eyeshadow (when I was a teenager) was from Avon and since then I like their eyeshadows.
    I don´t get why a lot of people thinks that Avon isn´t good at all. It´s the same as in common: some products are good quality, some are not.

  12. Kattelin sun blogia ja Ahh ku ihania silmä meikkejä sä oot tehny. Sain paljon inspistä niistä. Mahtavaa!

    Mun blogi ei ole niin vanha mut ois kiva saada uusia lukioita.

  13. The palette looks almost like Chanel's palettes.

  14. I never thought that avon &Co Cosmetics would have coloures like those ones. I really love the lila. Maybe i`ll order on of their products and give them a try!

    Ciao O-

  15. Hi Jangsara,

    How did color hold up during the day, did it last? Might just pick this up, it looks so pretty.

  16. Hi Jangsara, where is your avon shadows made? I have tha same shadow palette, is it made in China, and the color payoff at least 5 time less :( the pigmentation is like children chalks :(
    Thank You


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