Mar 27, 2011

This ain't a love song (nor makeup post)


This won't be a makeup post :D

I just wanted to share my awesome new "sunglasses":
Now I'm ready for paparazzis to come :D

 Then some of you might notice that my hair color changed a while ago.

My old hair used to look like this:
Color was almost grown out, it had no shape, no style, no nothing.

I went to hairdresser, and this is pretty much what I got:

 Then I decided to order clip-on extensions from eBay:

Unfortunately, when they finally arrived, my own haircolor was already washed out so much, that the color wasn't exact match:

But it was still so close, that I got good image of how it would look like, and I fell in love with "long hair":

Yesterday I dyed my hair again, to make it match for the extensions:

 Here's the comparison of hair lengths:

I think it looks quite OK! My own hair is a bit too short, and colors don't match 100%, and I'm not even sure if I ever dare to wear these out in public, but at least I can feel pretty with my long hair at home <3
(incase you're wondering where did I get the extensions or how much did they cost, they are from eBay, from this seller: cliphair2009, and the price was $26, basicly nothing. I guess it's not human hair, but it works great with me.)

I also tried to take new "profile pic" which would include something makeup-related:

 But it was too hard to stay serious:

 Especially when my son also wanted to pose with me :D

If you want something makeup-related, go to, where are my reviews (and swatches) of new Urban Decay palettes:

Review & swatches of the Fun palette is ready and on it's way too :)


  1. Awww, awesome pix. I have the same problem. lol. Your little guy is so cute!

  2. Wow I say you look gorgeous!
    And your son is so cuute! ^_^

  3. I'm loving that deep red you coloured your hair to. I recently went over my red and went back to black, because I got sick of the maintenance, hehe.

  4. I think your hair looks really good! And those shades are super cool!

  5. I also dye my hair red and was always sad when I took my first shower and saw all the color washing away... (I got a shower cap because of it!)

    Than one time I tried Redken Chemistry Shot Phase+Phix... it's meant to make your hair look healthier and shiner (which it does) but an extra bonus was that my hair color actually lasted until my next dye job :D

    Now overtime I get my hair done I also have them give me the treatment (it's only $11 USD).

    You can buy it online your self too, apparently if you buy the product it will last you all year.

  6. I saw the new Urban Decay reviews/ swatches when I went onto Make Up Geek last night. I've followed that site since way before I set up my Google/ Blogger account, and I never realized until last week- ish that it was you that wrote on there! I've always enjoyed your posts, both on this blog and on MUG :) The Feminine Palette calls to me, lol.
    Also, I'm loving your hair & your son is adorable!

  7. I think the hair look great long like that but it's also good when it's short and fixed :D I like the "profile pic" too :))

  8. Your hair looks good short too.And the color is amazing.
    Btw:Your son is sooo cuuteee!!

  9. Paparazzi is a plural of the word paparazzo. So, no need to write it 'paparazzis'.

  10. your hair looks really good! ^-^

  11. i miss my long hair as well ... love your new color!

  12. Love the hair, both shorter and long!

  13. Sou sua fã brasileira, adoro seu blog e sigo há muito tempo!
    Parabens pelo trabalho
    Natalie Teves

  14. You Rock !
    I love you hair with and without extensions, and the color is amazing as say everybody !

  15. I'm quite positive those shades can be found from the "Most Awful Sunglasses Ever"-list. No offence.
    On the other hand your hair(without the extensions. The extensions just look waaaay too fake) looks absolutely gorgeous in that colour & cut. Definitely a nice pick.

  16. You are looking awesome in this pics. Really I am so shocking with this new look of your.

  17. Hey ya !

    You loook really fabulous with both hair lenght :D

    I was wondering : were did you buy the niiiice glasses ?

    Thanks !

  18. I love the short hair on you as well with that bright red.. You look great with both the long and short! I like the new profile pix you were working one.. and your son is adorable! I've awarded you a Stylish Blogger award.

    Stylish Blogger Award!

  19. Thanks for the information. I think that you should wash your face at least 3 to 4 times a day. You’ll be surprised how much better your face will look.


  20. Wow.. Nice Hair colour. I am really big fan of your hair. You are looking awesome in this pictures. I am so shocking with this new look of your. Your Hair really makes me crazy about it.

  21. I think it looks quite OK! My own hair is a bit too short, and colors don't match 100%, and I'm not even sure if I ever dare to wear these out in public, but at least I can feel pretty with my long hair at home <3


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