Jan 8, 2011



You know me. :(
I've been a lowsy updater lately :P

But here's some pics to inspire you again :D

I QUESS this was with Bare Escentuals?

But I've done something darker too:
Can't remember what I used, sorry :(

 This one was my look to go when I went shopping to Helsinki. MAC Constructivist paint pot, MAC Family Crest pigment and Gosh Gold Dust as highlighter:

 For this one I also have a tutorial, this is done with MUFE shadows:

I've really obsessed with Sugarpill lately, and I've been also using brighter colors, like in this one:

And this one:
Sugarpill Darling, Afterparty, Tako, Roayal Sugar
MUFE turquiose Flash color as a base

As well as this one: 

Sugarpill Poison Plum, Tako, Paperdoll

Aaaand this one....

 Sugarpill Royal Sugar, Tako, Poison Plum and Dollypop

Paired with MAC Hue lipstick:

Then something else.

I got something interesting for my daughter for christmas present, and I ended up loving it myself.
It's "fashion designer" sheets with stencils, and you can create clothes, shoes, makeup, band accessories etc with them.
I've always loved coloring books, but I've never been good in drawing, so this was quite great :D

I originally got only one for my daughter, but now we have like 5 different ones :3

 Here's how it roughly works:

Here's my non-makeup-babies, my Faber Castell Aqua pencil set:

 And here's some of my "works":

 Here's my daughter's artworks:
 I just love the makeup one!

I was planning to hold a contest again? How would that sound?

Also, I have a huuuuuuge bunch of everything new and cool and not-so-cool and I'm planning to do looks with my new shadows, review some ELF stuff, maybe post something about nails, and PEACOCKS.

And tutorials are coming too.

But now some more Angry Birds <3


  1. wow love all of the looks! and yours and your daughters artwork!! :)

  2. Everything is so pretty as usual! I really think you should do the make-up look your daughter did!

  3. i have one of those drawingbooks too! and just for myself :)
    i totally love your shopping look! the bright ones are lovely too, sugarpill has some nice shades indeed!

  4. Very pretty make-up looks!! I love your fashion dolls too. I used to play with something like that when I was younger. I think I still have it, maybe I'll get it out sometime and try it out again. =)

  5. Oh yes do the contest!!!
    Your draw's daughter are so cute, is waaaaaaaaaaaay better than mines lol
    And yours omg, I just think now that everybody knows how to draw perfectly but not me.

  6. It would be really fun to see you recreate your daughter's drawn makeup.

  7. Every look is so gorgeous! Those books look awesome, I think it would be fun if you included a book in your giveaway, just a thought!

  8. This just reminds me how much I still need some sugarpill. =[

    The one in the orange sweater instantly made me think of Zoetica Ebb. I think its the hair haha.

  9. I loveeeee the sketches! And the purple look.
    You are a true artist!

  10. i'm thinking in saving som money for sugarpill!

  11. Your looks are all so amazing and inspiring. I love how you try everything, from simple to extravagant! I have to say my favourite is the last one, reminds me of sunsets over the sea when the sky goes an amazing pink! :)
    Love the ideas you have for future posts, especially the ELF goodies as I still haven't bought any yet! )': And everyone always loves giveaways! xxx

  12. W00t, another update, yay! And you're right, very inspiring indeed :D I love Sugarpill, Just got my first ones and they're awesome!

  13. Your looks are allways are so inspiring for me. I love them all but the ones with Sugarpill are gorgeous, I guess because I like those bright colors. You are so talented on drawing, I love your works, especially because you are so careful with details-every girl has a different makeup, (based on the outfit that she's wearing), a different lipstick, hairstyle...those girls remind me of Sailor Moon cartoons, I don't now why..
    Btw, your daughter work is so lovely. She is very talented.

  14. I love all your looks :) You are so talented!

  15. i know those books, always take a look at them when im in a toystore. But usually when i get ideas of clothing in my head, i tend to make them on the spot instead of drawing it on paper. And i havent had the time to make clothing lately....but i might make some time now..too much inspiration :)

  16. Love all the makeup looks! Theyre always so inspiring!
    Thats a really cute stencil book :)

  17. Love the brighter colors on the eyes.They look very attractive and gorgeous.Thanks for so much of sharing...woman love to share style and makeup ideas.

  18. Those books are awesome, I've never seen those before-probably because I don't have any kids in my life. I could picture getting one of those for myself, lol. I really like what you came up with too!
    I wanted to ask you..what you think the best colored bases are- a cream or pencil base that has various colors and doesn't crease or at least lasts the longest before creasing? I've thought of getting MUFE aqua creams, Benefit Creaseless creams, Paint Pots, Jumbo Pencils...but I'd love an opinion on what you think works best!

  19. Your makeup looks are amazing and so are your drawings! Even your daughter is good at drawing! How cool :D x

  20. I had some of those as a kid! I loved them.

  21. love the how to's I'm inspired as well...am going to start buying now..had already made 1 purchase on ebay trying to figure it out for myself...but havnt received yet...so so excited...thank you for sharing your creativity!

  22. Your makeup is gorgeous :-)

  23. Wow this is stunningly beautiful! This is so gorgeous and easy! love it! looking so pretty lishii.... loved every bit of this tute... superfab and superlikeSmokey Eye Makeup Tutorials


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