Dec 6, 2010

Chocolate cupcake with white gold topping

Hola!  - Full of AWESOME geeky soaps!

I really haven't updated my blog, because I've been ill again. Sore throat = not fun at all.
And my makeup has been something like this almost every day:
Really nothing to mention :D

Except these too Sugarpill looks I did:
Goldilux + a mix of Stella, Asylum and Goldilux
One with phonecam, shows the sparkle better ;D:

And the white gold look with Goldilux and Tako and Bulletproof:
Again one with phonecam:

 Some recent nails:

Now to my next mission:
No, it's not poo ;D

It's Lush's facial mask Cupcake:

Chocolate for skin, omnomnomnom!

My Little Kat von D wishes Hyvää Itsenäisyyspäivää kaikille suomalaisille, and nice starting week to everyone else!


  1. Thanks for the soap link :D I want to buy too many things now.

    I've wanted to try the chocolate mask but never got around to do it. Maybe I should...

  2. Kat Von D pony is amazing! Did you paint her?

  3. Love the colour placement for the white gold look, and the Kat Von D pony is badass ;]

  4. OMG, really beautiful colors for this season!!!


  5. I love that lush mask, so good :D And the gold look is fab, nice :D
    Hope you feel better soon!

  6. the gold eyeshadow looks gorgeous on you

  7. oh please please please! do the sugarpill gold sparkles look! its perfect for christmas or new year's party!

    thanks! :D


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