Nov 30, 2010

Randomlipz and Randomeyez


I know I haven't updated in a while, sowwy!

But here's some lip glosses and swatches, and some random eyes :P

Let's start with the lippies!

I bought We Care Icon 's lipgloss set couple days ago, I now got them swatched.
Unfortunately these are not available internationally :(






 Then the eyes.
I still have somekind of makeup depression, I just can't seem to find the evergy to do cool looks. I

MAC Her Alter Image, MAC My Dark Magic and MAC Seedy Pearl

To be honest, I  really don't remember what I used here.
Ummmm... Gosh Plummy and Sunstone effect powders

GeekChic Gray Matter (my new favourite gray <3)
So tell me, what awesome goodies did you get during Black Friday and Cyber Monday?


  1. Ouuh! I absolutely loove #18 & #14 :D

  2. Love your makeup Jangsara. I am a beauty and fashion photographer and have just started my beauty blog. My site is I have signed up BlogLoving as well. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

    Persephone's Beauty Blog

  3. Those lipglosses are gorgeous, I especially love 17. x

  4. I went nuts :D
    Soon I'll be posting some more The Conservatorie swatches (22 new samples are on their way) and all my friends are having e.l.f brushes for Christmas :D (they had 55% off entire store!) Of course I did not forget myself - a nice mineral brush set is for me :)

    Hmmm, 23 would probably look good on me... do they last long on the lips? and how's the scent?

  5. I am crazy about lipglosses! They look yummy! <3

  6. The shimmery glosses are gorgeous! :)

  7. Oh my, way too much shimmer for me in those lipglosses... It's a bit like Lumene Natural Code's lipglosses. I actually bought three pressed eye shadows from Sugarpill on Black Friday! Lucky me that I noticed their offer. :)

  8. I really love the Gosh Effect Powders look, I have those colors so I'll definately try and make this one too. Very inspiring!

  9. I love all the pics, but the first one of your eye? A-MA-ZING! Very subtle but alluring at the same time.

    - Kimberly

  10. I absolutely love your one night I couldn't sleep so I read all your posts...I love your makeup your and your fantasy makeup too...Congratulations for everything you did in this blog and for those you'll do...
    I love those lipglosses...2 and 17 looks so fine


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