Oct 3, 2010

Venomous Cleopatra Graffiti


MAC Venomous Villains is out in Finland too, wohoo! I've been using products from the collection, mainly the pigments I already owned.

And this look is pretty venomous too:

So while I'm waiting the rest of my MEC VV goodies to arrive, I went to pick up two shadows, Her Alter Image and Sweet Joy:

And I used them with MAC Push the Edge and  Off the Page, with Marliss 033 false lashes:

Paired with Lóreal Infallible Eva Longoria and MAC Li' Hot Pepper lipglass :

 This is my yesterday's look, with MAC French Violet, MAC Brash & Bold, MAC Melon and MAC Push the Edge pigments (lashes are the same Marliss 033 mentioned earlier):

Another fall look from Thursday:

 And here's my supersweet new collection of Isadora Graffiti Nail polishes:

Love, love, love:

 Then I tried to do a egyptian/cleopatra look for  afriend. I think I still need a hint of practise with this tehnique:
And one taken with my phone:

That's all this time.

I have a giveaway coming for my finnish readers soon, as well as reviews and swatches and other stuff :D


  1. I really like the look with French Violet and the Cleopatra look.

  2. Love the looks, especially the Egyptian one you did on your friend :)

  3. The Venomous look is so beautiful! I really like the pictures you made of your friend, the peacock fan makes it a perfect picture.
    (Have you read about the MAC peacocky collection yet?)

  4. I like the Cleopatra look very much! You do great job as always! :)

  5. the first look is AMAZING!!! i love it :D love them all really

  6. The Cleopatra look is incredible. You're so talented ;)

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  8. the fall look is beautiful!

  9. I sent you an e-mail to jangsara@gmail.com. Did you receive it?

  10. Very nice job with your friends look. It looks great!


  11. Do you have a tutorial for the first look? Because I love ittttttttt !!!!!

  12. The Egyptian look blew me away- she looks stunning! Impressive ;D

  13. Anything ancient egyptian is awesome on my part! Your cleopatra look came out 10X BETTER than if I was to wing it for the first time! You have a natural talent I wish I had :)


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