Sep 15, 2010

Purple Dreams

Hello again!

This is again a catch up post, with resent looks.

I'll start with my "Purple Dreams" look for fun, I wanted to do a look matching my new feather fan and feather boa:

Maybe a bit too much purple, but hey, that's my favourite color ;D

Eye makeup done with MAC Gesso and MUFE #92, with MUFE pearl white liquid liner:
Then some more normal looks:

This one has MAC Bloodline (crease, outer corner), Inglot Pure Pigment #84 (inner corner, dupable with MAC Old Gold pigment), MAC Antique Green (middle of the lid) and MAC Undercurrent pencil:

Yesterday's look with Illamasqua Ore, Illmasqua Precision Ink liner in Alchemy:

Then a proof that I'm really doing something for the Halloween tutorials:

Testrun for Elvira makeup :D

Then I got a HUUGE suprise from Illamasqua:
Gonna review and swatch them at

Check out the first review, of Illamasqua Disciple lipstick from the Art of Darkness collection:

Phew. I have bunch of other stuff to review and swatch, looks to post, tutorials to do.. :D


  1. Love the looks especially the last two

  2. I love the purple look with the purple lips and hair. Awesome.

  3. The green look is gorgeous!

  4. Purple is my favourite too :) And you're so cute when you're smiling! ^^

    Keep up the good work, you are a huge inspiration to me!

  5. I love the purple but all the looks are fantastic!

  6. What purple lipstick did you use?

    Illamasqua did have a dark blue lipstick called satan in their range, but it was recalled due to its texture. looks like this new one has similar problems. Wonder if its the blue pigment used that causes the still going to try it out though as i love blue!

  7. Ah, I love your blog and always come and visit! I thought I had followed for ages, but now I WILL! :D


  8. I love your looks! This purple one is amazing!

  9. Loooove the light metallic liner in the purple look, it makes for a beautiful contrast <3

  10. Ive already seen it all on facebook, but i have to see it again: I LOVE the purple look...but thats also because of the peacockfeathers. I love those...ive got the sdame fan, only with black feathers (i made 2 costumes to got with it) :)

  11. I love your blog!
    Glad someone is checking out the new Illamasqua range! I can't wait to get my hands on it!

    Keep up the amazing work!

  12. Gorgeous looks, as usual ;) The peacock look is awesome, I agree on your love for purple. The one below that, with MAC bloodline is fab too, very inspiring.

  13. I have GOT to get that MUFE #92. I have procrastinating on buying it for so long, lol!

  14. Hi,
    Fabulous Purple hair!
    I am having trouble communicating the difference over the net between what I call Purple and what some other people call Purple.
    I have just borrowed your photo for FB to show them the difference between the colours "Raspberry" (your lipstick) and "Purple" (your hair). They keep calling your lipstick colour Purple and your hair colour Cobalt.
    If you are not happy with me using your photo, please let me know.
    Jane Jones


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