Sep 16, 2010

Dressing Darling Paperdolls.


No looks today, just some of my new goodies:

Sugarpill loose shadows in Darling, Weekender, Stella and Paperdoll.


Supershiny grayish (more silver because of the shimmer though) purple. This one is really metallic looking.


Matte black with multicolored tiny glitters.
Because it's part matte, it's a bit hard to blend, IMO. Beautiful shade still!


Turquoise/teal half matte with silver glitter. Again, 'cos this is half matte, it's a bit hard to work with.


Really pretty light lilac with pink flash. I really don't know why is this hard to work with, but for some reason it just is.

And swatches:

And I think every single of of these looks better with black base, here's them over NYX jumbo pencil Black Bean:

And then MAC Bloodline pigment, which we have already seen in action:

And finally my new foundation, I just wanted to try something from drugstore brands after a long while
Maybelline 24h Super Stay foundation:

It works quite nice, it's not too thick, nor too light:

But that's it this time. :)


  1. Wow, those Sugarpill shadows are highly pigmented! I like that!!

  2. I ♥ Sugarpill!!! I have a few of my own...i need to complete my i still dont have any of the loose pigments but now thati saw this im gonna get some!!

  3. I love Sugarpill :) It's cool to see it swatched over black.

  4. Those loose shadows look so intense, wow. x

  5. I REALLY like weekender, can't wait to see what look you come up with :)

  6. Wow, these shadows looks so great!

  7. Hi , can you do a look like Gaga's used in VMA 2010 ?
    I realy like your blog and I thought you can do this look and the tutorial ...
    If you can do this , thank you very much !!

  8. Those shades are gorgeous!

  9. Damn, that sucks that the new Sugarpill colours are hard to work with :( I wanted a few of them but might save my money now

  10. I really loved the older colors (Hysteric, Tiara, Goldilux) but I'm not that impressed with these new ones... Stella is lovely (but there is A LOT of fallout and the black base REALLY sticks to your skin) and the rest I got are mattes with glitter. Not my favorite formula, unfortunately :( I wanted to love these.

  11. How close are Darling and MAC Partylicious?


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