Jul 9, 2010

Tutorial: Poison Flamepoint

Hello, it's tutorial time!

This is a bit bad tutorial, it's as hot as hell here, and my face is just shinyshiny :S

But here's the look:

Here's what it took:

* Sugarpill
  • Flamepoint
  • Poison Plum 
  • (hint of Buttercupcake)
* Inglot:
  •   407P (orange)
  •   07 (golden)
  •   494DS (dark purple)
  •   379 (light Purple) 
* Nyx Glitter Liner in Hot Pink* Gel liner in Deep Plum
* MAC Vanilla pigment
* MAC Painterly paint pot
* Mascara

Start with priming your eye with MAC Painterly paint pot:

Apply Sugarpill Flamepoint to whole lid:

Define crease and outer corner with Sugarpill Poison Plum:

Blend Poison Plum upwards:

Use lighter purple (my case Inglot) to blend Poison Plum towards the brow, and darker purple to intense the crease and outer corner. Also add shimmery orange on top of Flamepoint:

Apply MAC Vanilla pigment to highlight:

Line your lower lashline with Poison Plum and Flamepoint. I also added hint of Buttercupcake to inner corner (and intensified outer corner a bit more):

Then line your upper lashline thickly with Deep Purple liner. Also line your waterline:

Add NYX glitter over the upper liner:

Add mascara, and done!

Last but not least, my yesterday's failed arab look:

Inglot Pure Pigment #84 and Sugarpill Asylum

I also have a fraking fruit fly invasion going on at my house, GAAAAH! I hate them -_-


  1. love it!! i love when you add glitter, it just adds something to it! ♥

  2. This is a splendid look. Why do you say your Arabic look failed? It's really cool. :)

  3. Your looks are always so vibrant! LOVELY!!!

  4. I loveeeee the arab look. Totally trying it.

  5. thank you for the tutorial :) it was really helpful. so love the Arab look you did. its beautiful ^ ^

  6. I have to try that first one out!

    And failed look? not failed at all, i love the colour combo!

  7. Meilläkin on jostain syystä ilmestynyt näitä mini"kärpäsiä" vaikka hedelmiä ei olla ostettu piiitkään aikaan. Ne vaan tulee kuin tyhjästä :P.

    ps. Jälleen kerran ihanat silmälookit! ;)

  8. Gorgeous looks. I've recently fell in love with purple + orange colour combo :D x


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