Jul 9, 2010

Love, love, love, I want your love.

Hello sweetiepies!

At the morning I really didn't feel like doing makeup, so I went as simple as can be:

Basic skin routine, eyebrows and mascara. (this also for the one reader who asked for a pic with just mascara on)

Then I later felt like I could do something more, and I decided to use PINK (I usually never use pink, as you might noticed :D).
Some how this look reminds me of Charming Nails and her looks. I really don't know why :D

Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
MAC Up at Dawn
MAC Brash and Bold pigment
MAC Cloudbound
Kat von D Lucifer
NYX Glitter liner Hot Pink
MAC Blacktrack fluidline

I hope next week I'll get more makeup to love, my fyrinnae order has been shipped, and my MUFE stuff is also on it's way. Plus I ordered intense lipgloss from Illamasqua, and some NYX from Cherryculture <3
I know, I'm a shopaholic with cosmetics :D


  1. Very Pretty!


  2. you have amazing eyelashes. *jealous*

    you make pink look GOOD!

  3. Ihana! Pinkki on oma ikisuosikkini, mutta viime aikoina jäänyt vähän vähemmälle käytölle. Tämä meikki tosin lähtee testiin asap. :)

  4. you always make lovely color coordinations!

    a suggestion: I haven´t seen all of your posts but you could make a couple of posts indicating the best color combos for each eye color!
    The one you did today looks lovely on light eye colors but not so flattering on brown eyes. It would be lovely to see your suggestions!

    Just a thought ;)


  5. Gorgeous look..Girly and fun color..

  6. Nice look, shame about the crappy English.

  7. pretty as always!!

  8. j'aime beaucoup


    vous avez des yeux magnifique !

  9. Ihana meikki, sun pitäisi käyttää pinkkiä useammin ;) se on ihana väri, ehdottomasti mun lemppari :)

  10. Sulla nää meikit on kyllä aina vaan upeampia. Missä sä ton erikoistehosteiden ja muiden teon olet oppinut vai oletko tutoriaaleista katsonut? Itse kun tahtoisin oppia noita tekemään. :)


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