Jun 1, 2010


Today it happened.

I finally went to Inglot.

And spent hell of a lot of money.


Here's my shopping:

 - AMC Lip gloss 545
- AMC Pure Pigment Eyeshadow
- AMC Lip Liner Gel 76 Mäybe even AMC EYE Liner Gel 76 :3
- Freedom palette with:
 * 460DS (brownish)
 * 407P (orange) (pearl)
 * 07 (golden)
 * 494DS (dark purple)
 * 379 (light Purple) (matte)

Here's my pretty palette:

And swatches:

Here's the white liner, that promises to be waterproof. We'll see:

And the pure pigment I just had to have, I'm guessing this is quite close to MAC's Old Gold pigment, which I still don't have, so I bought this:

And here's the pigment and the liner swatched:

Inglot AMC lip gloss 545:
This is so f*cking awesome in tube. The moment I saw these, I knew I had to have one.
It's like holographic but not quite and... I can't even begin to describe it :D

Unfortunately the awesome effect really doesn't show on the lips:
But it's awesome anyway :D

And last but not least in todays shopping, Grimas's bottom lashes (heeeelllooooo Twiggy makeup, here I come!) and some glitter:

Mailman FINALLY brought me some goodies from ebay, two wheels of rhinestones, 5 sheets of nail stickers and a wig that I didn't have time to photograph yet:

I also got myself another organizer, and now my makeup is organized well:

Yesterday I bought my first (and probably last) Kanebo product.
This was on sale, I NEVER EVER would have paid 48 euros (~$60) of ONE lipstick.
This was on superhypermega sale, and I paid 5 euros (~$6) of it.
Color is called Poppy:

And here it is on lips:

Yesterday I also made an awesome find, Lancome's Color Dose waterproof cream eyeshadow, in Tupai:

I love the color, I think it's just AWESOME:

And finally my today's makeup, with Lancome Tupai Cream shadow, Gosh Sunstone, some black shadow (can't remember which one O_o), SMH Shimmerbrick and MAC Reflects Rust:

I have to say that I looove the lips color, it's combination of Gosh's Cabana Orange and NYX's Orange Soda lipstick. <3


  1. Mulla on samantapainen järjestyssysteemi meikeille. Itse otin vielä laatikot pois ja spreijasin hyllyt.

  2. You have Inglot in Finland??? I am sooooo jealous!!

  3. Hitto, että näyttää mahtavalta tuo pigmentti! Itselläni on Inglot-pyhiinvaellus luvassa ensi viikolla ja olen katsellut noita holo-kiiltoja vähän sillä silmällä. Jonkunkokoiseen freedom-palettiin ajattelin ainakin sijoittaa.

    Ja niin, kiitos paketista, se oli ihana. <3

  4. Sulla on hieman enemmän meikkejä kuin mulla, sun laatikot pursuaa :D There's never enough tho!

  5. What a wonderful haul! I need to get to Inglot pronto! The gold pigment is stunning. I have a couple of those iridescent looking lipglosses and they never show up properly :(

  6. I'm thinking maybe the gloss would show more if you "erased" your lips first with concealer or foundation?

  7. Ooooh.... how is Inglot for pricing? I really want to try some of thier stuff because there is a store in the centre where I work. I will have to go and try that white liner so please let us know if it is long lasting!

  8. Crap, it's too bad the wicked orange didn't show in the gloss, it looked intense!

  9. i want inglot stuff too! there is only one place where i live that sells it and i'm so lucky it's only 15 minutes away!
    Kanebo isn't that expensive in hong kong! but you definitely got it cheaper than you would in hong kong :p Though i never tried their lip stuff, the eyeshadows are alright

  10. Hi Jangsara.
    Do you buy the real rhinestones or the plastic ones? I have bought a wheel with the plastic ones in all kinds of colours but just one size, but I haven´t tried them on yet. I was just wondering if it would show up in a close up photo if they are plastic...

  11. Wow! nice shopping :-)
    I got one palette from Inglot that i bought randomly like 3 years ago lol ! now i wanna know more about this ;-)
    I love your LOFT too by the way!


  12. Waaauuuuw those INGLOT products are some awesome! Love the pigmentation and I can't wait to see your looks with them :D

  13. Hi!
    Do you know if Inglot can be bought online? (I'm from Spain)
    Thank you! ^^

  14. What a great haul! And I love the look, especially the Tupai and the lips.

  15. Heyy Jangsara! Great work with the shopping and all your makeup looks. I was just wondering what you think of SMH eyeshadows? Are they good quality and worth the purchase? Thanks :)

  16. All the stuff you got is gorgeous! And lip liner gel? :O

    I must go stare at my local Inglot sometime soon. I was disappointed too to find that those awesome holographic lipglosses aren't holographic when swatched :( theyre the prettiest things ever in the tube.

  17. I wish I could buy something from Inglot... We don't have any Inglot stores in Russia((( And I dream of these beautiful eyeshadows...

  18. that gel liner really is waterproof. I have a couple of them and I simply cannot live without them. quite easy to apply, of nice quality and do last a whole day.
    greetings from Poland, home land of Inglot ;)


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