Jun 4, 2010

Glamorous doll

Hello sweeties!

Today I did really classic makeup:

To be honest, I was thinking of participating in the Aguilera contest with this, but oh well, I might as well skip it :P

To achieve this look I used:

Inglot Gel Liner #76 as a base (the white one)
MSCHIC White Gold eyeshadow (lid, highlight)
Inglot 494DS (dark purple) (crease)
Inglot 460DS (brownish) (crease, blending)
Inglot 07 (golden) (blending)
Black liquid eyeliner from WeCareIcon
MAC #34 false lashes

Lips are mix of MSCHIC Vintage lipchic, Gosh Light'n'Shine lipgloss 02, and Lumene dark purple lipliner.

And one more (this is the last one, I promise!), this is how I went out:
I had to tone the lips down, since I was afraid I'd get them messed and wouldn't notice and then I would look like a clown.

Clows actually remind me, that even I fail. (I fail quite often actually, I just don't share it here :P)
But anyway, I was going through Christina Aguilara's photos to find look to recreate, and bumped into this:

I think it's quite horrible look, but I wanted to give it a try.

I shoudn't.

Here's the disaster look I made:

No, it didn't just work :D Maybe pink brows isn't quite my thing? :D

Finally my yesterday's look with Inglot's Pure Pigment #84:

And here's full look plus my new "middle-aged housewife" (thanks my ex-husband) wig:

And have to show you my today's nails:
China Glaze's Happy Go Lucky with 3D flower stickers from ebay <3

And what it comes to Inglot:
- I'm afraid Inglot isn't available in any online shop (correct me if I'm wrong)
- I think pricing was quite good, the 5 shadow palette costs 28 euros (~$35), pigments 14 euros (~$17), gel liners  12 euros (~$14,5) etc
- So far I've liked the shadows, exept that they have a quite a lot of fall out. Pigmention is good.
- Pure Pigment is great quality
- Liner didn't stay on my waterline for the whole day :/ It's super as a base though!


  1. I absolutely LOVE the red lips!

    Yesterdays look is pretty, and even though i think you can get away with ANY wigs, i dont really like this one. BUt then again, it's just because it makes you so ...'plain'. And you're deff not plain!

  2. The last pic of your first look with the wig on is awesome :) I actually really like that makeup on you with the pink lips too, so pretty! The 2nd look I think it quite good but definitely pink eyebrows don't suit you lol. Yesterdays look is once again gorgeous but I agree with Jasmine ^, that wig is just not you, it's way too plain :) Very cute nails too!

  3. the first and last look are awesome!!! the very first picture on this post is amazing! flawless!

  4. What is your fav eyebrow tool? Pencil, powder, wax? I'm having an eyebrow crisis!

  5. I love the last look! You are too hard on yourself sometimes! And thanks for the Inglot update :)

  6. Amazing! The first look sort of reminds me of Snow White (even with the white hair) or the white queen from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. And i love the really OTT Xtina look, i love me some pink eyebrows :)

  7. Wow! Gorgeous looks! You're an artist!

  8. I totally like your blog, and you are so pretty and the pictures omg! you rock girl! :)


  9. Wauw the first look is great, indeed very classy! The look with your inglot products is real wonderful too. I agree with you on the Aguilera look, HER's anyway, you made a nice copy but I like the first one better ;)
    Oh and about the housewife wig: nah sorry, I don't really like it on you. :)

  10. I like super red lips from the first look, Super Sexy and Classy. And Christina's look, well the look by it self isn't good but you nailed it :)

    Visit my blog : http://boa-julia.blogspot.com/
    It's in spanish but in few days I'll ad a translator

  11. amazing lips. i love tha red lipstick. u looks fab!

  12. love all the looks... i think the 2nd one you did is great.. dont be too hard on yourself :)

  13. Love the very first look. very pin-up ish


  14. Which purple did you use for the Christina look? It's very nice!

    Also, I love my Inglot liner as a regular liner on my top lid. It stays for a really long time! But now I won't bother trying it on my water line.

    Love your blog! Don't know if I've ever commented before but I read every day!

  15. your work is truly AMAZING! Thanks for sharing your talentwith us :)

  16. Aah en tajua, mun mielestä oot niin upea tuossa Christina-lookissa pinkkeine kulmine kaikkineen!Alkuperäinen on hieman suttuinen, sinä taas unelmieni enkelikasvo! :D Näen varmaan untaki tuosta lookista, pitää ottaa kokeiluun ku mies vilahtaa maanantaina töihin. :)


  17. Just started perusing your blog. Since I prefer neutrals (something I can wear in my everyday life as a full-time wife and mommy), this look IMO is gor-geous! And I'm totally coveting your brows. They are obviously filled in but not in a bad way. They look very sophisticated. Love! ~ Robyn


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