May 17, 2010

Tutorial: Brown and orange on red carpet


It's tutorial time again ;D

This time it's gonna be this one:

MAC Painterly paint pot
MAC Unsquare 
MAC Shroom
MAC Off the Page
Brown eyepencil

As always, start with priming your eye.
I used MAC Painterly:

Then MAC Unsquare (or any warm brown eyeshadow)to crease and outer half of the lid:

Then MAC Shroom to inner corner and to blend Unsquare:

Then MAC Off the Page above the crease:

...blend with MAC Shroom all the way up to highlight:

Then line your upper and lower lashline with a brown eye pencil:

Smudge the pencil a bit with Unsquare (or any brown eyeshadow):

And brown pencil in waterline, and finally mascara (I used brown mascara):

And finally falsies, if you prefer :D I used MAC #34:

PS. Giveaway is almost ended, I'll try to pick the winner (and best comments and all)  as soon as possible!

PPS. This was my today's look, but I'll be back with my yesterday's and day before yesterday's look ASAP.


  1. sooooo preety i love this look.. im gonna try it :))

  2. awesome look

  3. OMG!!..Gorgeous..Suitable for day time makeup too..=)..

  4. I like this one! I have been trying out ways to use orange, because it makes blue eyes pop, but haven´t come up with something useful yet. But this is great, with the orange, but not too much :)
    By the way love your new hair color (the darker, less red one) :)

  5. Very very beautiful. I usually use red to make the brown warmer but orange does the trick too I see :) Nice tutorial, thanks!

  6. The brown mascara looks awesome! :)

  7. great combination! I should try this some day :) Orange is one of my favorite colors to use but I've never tried it with brown

  8. Thank's for the tuto... Even i don't like orange , your makeup is really success

  9. hey chick,
    you always get your brows look perfect.
    what product(s) do you use for that?

  10. i will do this one too lol so pretty !

  11. I looove this!!! So pretty and simple!!! I love you new camera tool... it is making your pictures look even better which I didn't know was possible!!!

  12. I really like this one, the colors are so sweet.
    It changes from what you usually do (talking about the colors) and this also looks wonderful :)



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