May 18, 2010



This will be a quick post, which will start with shameless promotion for my friend's blog:

If you're interested in movies, that's a blog for you!
Then a few images of my latest looks.
Here's my look on 5/17:
I THINK it was made with Sleek palettes.
And my today's disaster look, I used about everything I could reach :P
And as a bonus, basiclu only finnish lizard, viviparous lizards:

And one more shameless promotion:


  1. I really love both looks that you have posted, but I think the second the most. Its really pretty & unique!

    On a different note, considering you mentioned movie blogs... I figure this is a perfect chance to promote my blog. I'm really interested in movies, but by no means a professional (I suppose this would be comparable to you, Jangsara, in your love for makeup. You have inspired me in makeup, definitely- I have a few makeup posts as well), and as a hobby I have created my blog that reviews movies, books, makeup, and even has a few makeup looks here and there. I'd appreciate it if you took a look =)

  2. Love the first look,the second one is a bit too much of everything,but not bad eiter:D

    The lizards are really cute,we have similar ones here in Hungary,one of them has a vibrant green shade,but turns blue around his mouth and neck when attrackted to female lizzards:D:D:D:D:D

  3. OMG!!..Green makeup look..Gorgeous..erkkk..Lizard?..I hate lizard..

  4. The MSCHIC tutorials is awesome! Don't think I'll use the line at your lower lashline myself but the effect is really dramatic. Nice :)
    The blue/green Sleek look looks quite similar to something I wore last week. I love that combination.
    The lizards are cute indeed :D

  5. Both looks are gorgeous!

    Lisa xx

  6. Amazing eyes! I love the green look xoxo

  7. Sweet looks! I like the orange-purple contrast!

    And, oh! I think we have lizards like that in Norway too? At least very similar ones. They're just beautiful. :)


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