May 5, 2010

Bare Postman

Hello sweeties!

I love mailman this week <3

Yesterday he brought me a suprise from MUG's Marlena, huuuuuuuge amount of Bare Escentuals / Bare Minerals stuff!

Here's the whole set of stuff:

Here's the lip products:

And swatches of those and the Gosh gloss I mentioned earlier:

Celeste on lips (It's not that pink, my lips were just stained after using pink lipstick):

And Clair on lips:

I think they really do look awesome, really super pretty, BUT.
"...while the tingly and cooling sensation reminds you that your lips are getting an immediate increase in fullness."
It's exactly like it says, tingly and cold feeling on my lips. I can't help it, but I just don't like it. :/

Here's some swatches of eyeshadows:

Unfortunately I was interrupted several times during swatching, so I totally forgot the order, and now I don't know which one is which anymore :S
But if someone wants, I can do another swatching round with these :P

And here's my today's look with using MAC Rollickin' paint pot, SMH Ultra Violet, BE Faith & Cocoa ang Gosh extreme art eyeliner Blue:

And here's my new love, the wig I received yesterday:

Today I got a fringe (bangs, what ever :D) and superduperawesome hat/ hair fascinator! I'll try to take some cool pictures of them, maybe even tomorrow!


  1. I love the purple and ice blue look! Especially with the colour of your wig! x

  2. I LOVE the purple and blue look in this. I know it's 'simple' (not for me lol) but I'd love to see a tutorial on it :)

  3. i love this eyeshadow look. so pretty! :)

  4. Saako udella mistä ostat aina noita peruukkeja? ^^ Ne näyttävät niin hyvännäköisiltä :) Ei sellaisilta paskakökkökuituklimppi läjiltä, vaan nuo on oikeasti jopa aidon näköisiä :)

  5. i love BUXOM lips!! lord knows i don't need the plumping but i love that they are not sticky & that tingly feeling is fun :)

  6. Wauw those swatches are so beautiful, very pigmented!
    I like the blue/purple look. With the wig you kinda get this "little girls face". So cute!

  7. Beautiful! I love the purple! I can never seem to find a nice purple that looks great with my skin tone! >:(

  8. Okay, you NEED to show us your wig collection :D

  9. Wow you just got an entirely different face with this blond wig, awesome!!

    Thise eyeshadows are really pigmented, cant wait to see you use them :)


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