May 4, 2010

99 red balloons (or 66 rainbow colored lipsticks!)


Today I was kinda inspired by Tina's sour grape look she did on MUG's Idea Gallery. I loved the idea of lime green and purple, so I did this:

MAC Rollickn' paint pot
MAC Cornflower pigment
MAC Chartreuse pigment
MAC Violet Trance eyeshadow
MAC Gesso eyeshadow
Gosh Velvet Touch eye pencil Lemon Soda
Gosh Velvet Touch eye pencil  Purple Stain
MAC Blacktrack fluidline

Then mailman FINALLY brought me something!! (yes, TWO exclamation marks, it's so awesome!)

I got one new wig ( didn't have time to photograoh it yet), and my 66 lip palette from ebay:

I was complately blown away by the amount of pigment in these!
I was almost sure they would be more of glosses than lipsticks, but while swatching I found out that I might been completely wrong. See it yourself:

There's not all of course, I don't have enough room in my hand :D
I haven't yet tried them on my lips, but I'm really impressed by the swatches.

By the way, somebody asked me while back about who do I buy my wigs in Ebay.
Usually I pick up some random sellers, but there's two I can especially recommend:
koozuland and professionalonly .
My Manly 120 palette was from (awesome seller, sent me another palette for free since there were couple broken colors in the first one), and lip palette is from yangg3.

But I also got my Nfu'Oh 's cuticle oil!
I just wish you could smell this, I love it! It called 'Bubblegum', and I think it smells just like Juicy Fruit. Ah, perfection! And it's cute too!

I also bought Gosh's lipgloss, it's numbered 0010:
Haven't tried it on yet, but I have a feeling that this might be the first lipgloss I actually might use! :D

Now I'm off to bed, it's over 2am in here :D

PS. Check out my MSCHIC blog, there's yet another tutorial!


  1. How cute is that little bottle of cuticle oil?!?!

  2. I wish I could create such a dramatic eye for Spring~!!! I am a Bare Escentuals makeup girl, so will have to check my colors to see what I can sub for this amazing look! Envy & Amethyst?
    Love all your looks, my dear!
    Love & Light~
    OM girl

  3. I absolutely love the purple and lime green together. Some of the looks you do I'm not sure people would wear for every day, but I know I would, lol.

    That lip palette does have a lot of pigment! I always expect they to be really sheer or dry, but they look like great quality.

  4. Wow this is a fresh yet sexy look for you, I really like it! You have perfect skin like good canvas for painting, lucky you. :)

  5. Love this look! Yesterday I received my duo eyeshadow from NARS the Rated R, so I'll try something similar than this ;)

  6. Holy crap that lip palette is so pigmented! I always assumed they'd be kind of sheer :O

  7. omg.. Nfu'Oh 's cuticle oil! looks soo cute, hey i really want to buy manly 120 palletee now since u been using, i was soo confuse buy or not this pallete hehe but now i think i ll !!
    your eyes beautifulllll :D

  8. this looks really nice on you. I had seen that look on Tina's blog and loved it. I will also try it out!

  9. I love the look of that lip palette!

    Thank you for the eBay seller recommendations, I was wondering where you get your stuff from :)

  10. That's so funny, I have almost the same look today only I used Gosh Effect powders :D (and your looks better ;) ) I love it, looks very nice on you.
    The lippalette looks great, very pigmented indeed.


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