Mar 14, 2010

Still on the telephone

Hello hunnies!

I'll continue with Telephone looks, I wanted to try to do Gaga's diner scene look, and then lazybeautiful asked me to do Beyonce'sdiner look too, so I did it as well.

And I'm also gonna give you my first look with my Aromaleigh shadows.

But first the dark Gaga look.

Here's her look from the video:

And here's my recreation, done with Manly 120 color palette:

And then the Beyonce look, I used 120 color palette for this one too.

Here's her look frim the video:

And my recreation:

And then my today's look.

I used Aromaleigh's Adrenochrome on the lid, Black Angel on the crease and White Riot on highlight. I also used H&M's black glitter eyepencil as a liner:

And a bad full face shot:
I look so scared :D

But now I have to say a thing or two of the Aromaleigh shadows.

First of all, I'm still not a fan of baggies, I prefer jars.
Second, I really can't blend them. If I even try, the colors fade away. I don't know if I do something wrong, but they just won't stick over MAC Painterly paint pot. Metallic colors better than the others, but they aren't perfect either. I woudn't wanna always use mix'n'fix when I'm using my Aromaleighs. Do you guys have any tips or tricks?

PS. I bought 8 Make Up Store lipsticks, 3 Sleek palettes (Original, Sunset and Safari) and MAC Pandemonium palette :3


  1. I think the Rocks shadows are harder to work with because they were one of the first lines she created a long time ago. But she's re-formulating them now, it may help. Right now if I accidentally blend a colour off I go back and pat a bit more on.

    I really like the Beyonce recreated look. I think you did it even bettter! I love yellow shadows

  2. I've had the same problem with aromaleigh shadows. I'd like to try the pixie epoxy.. My favourite sleek palettes are safari and graphite, they're a real bargain!

  3. you are amazing! Your looks almost look better than the original!

  4. Tosiaan sun lookit on alkuperäisiä hienommat! Etenkin Beyonce-meikki on aivan upea, ehdottomasti taitavammin työstetty kuin Beyoncen versio.

    Kauanko sulla menee päivittäin aikaa meikkilookkien tekemiseen?

  5. I've noticed that Paint Pots aren't suitable base for Aromaleigh at all. I once used Bare Study as a base and it combined with Aromaleigh made very starnge texture on my eyelids, like worn-out leather! :O You may want to use some stickier base like NYX Jumbo Pens.

  6. KittenMittens, Weezer, Lucy S. : thanks for the tips.
    I'm so used to use paint pot's as a base, and almost everything works fine with them, and I have to admit that I'm really disappointed Aromaleighs not work :/
    I guess I just have to use them either with mix'n'fix or NYX jumbo pencils.

    Inkivääri: Kiitos!
    Normaaliin päivämeikkiin menee kaikkineen (pohja, varjot/valot, kulmat, silmät, huulet, ripset) tunnin verran. Sit kun teen pelkkää silmämeikkiä, niin ehkä kymmenestä minuutista kahteen tuntiin, riippuen siitä mitä olen tekemässä. Esim. pikkiriikkisten ihotimanttien liimaaminen on aika aikaa vievää hommaa :D Mutta keskimäärin silmämeikki vie varmaan sellaisen puolisen tuntia.

  7. I love the looks, you really are a great artist!

    I've been using AL shadows for awhile, and I've noticed they work better over a sticky cream shadow ( I use Revlon creme shadows a lot) and even better over Pixie Epoxy, so you should definitely give that a try!
    HOpe this helps!

  8. I use my aromaleigh shadows over fyrinnae pixie epoxy, and I have no trouble with them. I think its your best bet. Beautiful looks btw! Your version of Gaga's makeup looks better on you then it does on her!

  9. Hi,

    Can you let me know where you ordered your Sleek palettes from? I have been looking for a good place to order from online. Thanks in advance.

  10. !Ashley!: I think my next order should be to Fyrinnae, since I've heard a lot of good of her products.

    Anon, I found them in Elle In Wonderland's blog sale, so I don't know where to get them BNIB online :/

  11. Love, love, love! Thanks for doing my request, I wasn't expecting you to do it at all. Also, thanks for the shout out! :)


  12. LOVE your recreation of Beyonce's diner look, I shall steal it :)

  13. Awesome! I think your take on the Beyonce look was better than the original, yours was more defined and therefor I liked it better. I love that you’re recreating these makeups!

  14. Don't know if u have mentioned it somewhere else but what seller did u buy your manly palette from?
    I have thought about buying the palette many times but i haven't dared. Heard that not all of the manly palettes sold on ebay are good. Guess some of them are fake.
    But the one you use seems to be right and not fake so that's why I'm wondering wich seller.

    And have to agree with maggie... your beyonce look is even better than the real one =) and you look better in it too

  15. I really would like you to write a tutorial in how to blend. I've never seen a more perfect blending than the one you have on your lids (in all your looks, also this one when you have just written "these eyeshadows are impossible to blend" :-D ). So, please, write us a tutorial with your tips ;-)

  16. both looks are AMAZING! you are such an inspiration

  17. Hi Jangsara!
    It's the first time i'm visiting your blog, but iv've seen some makeups in makeupgeek site. It's just amazing the makeups you do=) They can't be real.... I'm your fan=) Your are amazing=)

  18. I think you've done an awesome job on all the makeups, ur really good ^_^ I also agree on that you've done a better job recreating Beyonces makeup :D

  19. I love the looks!

    Ok, for the Aromaleigh shadows, I have a few things to recommend:
    1. I usually find it best to do the 'pat pat pat' method, when applying, as opposed to brushing. I find if I pat pat pat, then blend the seams gently, or use a fiber optic brush, I tend to keep the complexity.

    2. Alternately, if you foil them, or use Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy, you can brush them on and they don't lose their complexity. If you're using the Pixie Epoxy, I recommend still using some sort of primer. So you put on the primer, then you put on a thin layer of pixie epoxy, wait about 45 seconds to a minute (until it feels tacky), then you can apply the color.

    3. I've never had good luck using the MAC paint pots as a base alone, it always seems to dull the color on me. I find I do much better with using Too Faced Shadow Insurance or UDPP Eden as a primer. I used to use MAC Bare Study until I saw how dull colors appeared on it compared to TFSI.

  20. i absolutely fell in love with your gaga-posts, she always surprises with her make-up and creative style. you're so talented, keep on bloggin'! :)

  21. Sun versiot Beyoncen ja Lady Gagan meikeistä on paljon "alkuperäisiä" upeammat! Kauanko sulla muuten kestää toteuttaa jokin tuollainen (ainakin amatöörin silmin katsottuna) hieman erikoisempi meikki, jollaista et ole aiemmin kokeillut? Onnistuuko se aina ekalla yrittämällä?

    P.S. oon jääny tosi pahasti koukkuun sun blogiis ja odotan uutta postausta kuin hiiri juustoa x) Kiitos mahtavasta blogista! :)

  22. hehe i feel like such a dusche lol i sent you a message with a comment rather than leaving it here i must have been completely oblivious to what i was doing or just not see the link for comments LOL.. anyway like i said I LUV THE LOOK :D


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