Mar 13, 2010

Pick up the telephone

Hello hello baby you called, I can't hear a thing.

 In other words, Gaga's new Telephone video is out, and the wears couple of amazing looks on the video.

I think my favourite is this look:

I wanted to do a remake of it, but I wanted to make it a bit more wearable, so I dropped the crazy eyebrows and shortened the eyeliners a bit.

And again, my eyeshape just isn't as awesome as Gaga's :P

But here's my version, made with MAC Gesso, MAC Orb, MAC unsquare, MAC blacktrack fluidline and MAC #34 falsies:


 And here's the look with the white wig I picked up yesterday:

My yesterday's look was superneutral again. Just MAC Still Life paint, hint of pinkish brown from my 28 palette, and falsies:

I just realized, that the look reminds me of Gaga's Bad Romance look:

 And I swear, that wasn't intentional, I just wanted to make a neutral look :D Apparently I can't do a non-Gaga look anymore ;D

But well, I guess that's all this time.

PS. I'm sorry I've skipped couple day's this week, I just haven't been myself. I really don't know what's wrong with me, I was thinking of going to doctor next week. 

EDIT: One more photo:

 (yes, it's photoshopped heavily)


  1. As always: stunning makeup! I really love your blog, I would even say its my favorite!

  2. Stunning as always :)
    I always look forward to you posts,
    your so inspiring xx

  3. Haha, I just saw Telephone-video for the first time and came here to find out you remade the first look! It's gorgeous and you really managed to manipulate your eye shape with the makeup.

    I love you blond look too! I would def believe you're blond if that was the first pic I ever saw of you. After that strong Gaga look, you're like a different person in that ultrasoft nude one. You as a blond remind me of somebody but I can't figure out who :D

  4. Nice recreation of the gaga look

  5. Wow, you did great with the first Gaga look, I love the lips especially! And you look great with the neutrals too!

  6. Beautiful! You're so talented. I'd love to see you do one of Beyonce's looks, particularly the one where's she's in the yellow dress in the diner wearing that yellow eye liner. :)


  7. Once again, I am just speechless at your work.

  8. Whoa, I just realised how much Lady Gaga looks like Amy Winehouse. Especially with that eyeliner.

    I really love the neutral look that you did :)

  9. Randomly, I LOVE the shading on the lips!

  10. Haha, you even got the Diet Coke can in your hair! I love Gaga and your makeup <3

  11. Lady Gaga look oli häikäisevän hyvin tehty! Kaiken viimeistely tölkki hiuksissa ;P

  12. Thank you all!

    Keijukainen: I just love the video with all the Tarantino references :D
    And I'm actually naturally quite blond, I just to have almost white hair when I was a kid, now I have more gray hair than blond :P
    And personally, I think I look a bit like Kim Katrall (Samathan from Sex and the City) in the blond wig, I have no idea why though :D

    Lazybeatiful: I did it now :D

    Heather & Charming nails: I just LOOOOVEED the idea of soda cans as curlers :D Unfortunately I didn't have coke cans, so I used finnish energy drink can :D

  13. Awesome! I just found your blog, but I LOVE it! I think your interpretation of the look is way better than the original, you did SUCH a great job!

    PS, would you mind if I linked to your blog? I'm doing an entryy of my favourite blogs, and I really want to add yours on the list after having read through your archive :D


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