Mar 22, 2010

Just a quickie

This will be a quick post with pics, I'll try to make some time to make a "real" post later.
I just wanna get these pics "out of the way", since I have 3 new Sleek palettes and one new MAC palette, and I wanna write and swatch them ASAP, and if I would include them to this post, no one would read read this through :D

So I'll post my saturday's and sunday's looks now, and leave Sleeks, MAC Pandemonium palette, and my today's look for later.
First I'll start with my saturday's first look, I wanted to use only Gosh effect powders again, but I wasn't really satisfied with the result, so I made another look after this.

But anyway, this has Gosh Blue Whale, Green gate, Sunstone and Bright'n'Black:

So after that look I did like million looks, but I didn't like any of them :D

Finally I took my StarsMakeupHaven palettes, and came up with this (this was called "it's not the bruises that hurt the most", since it reminds me of bruising):

And dollyface:

Yesterday Gosh met MAC, so I call it MAC'n'Gosh (like Macintosh *g*):

There's MAC Copper pigment, Gosh Aquatic,Gosh Blue Whale and Gosh extreme art eyeliner.

But that's all for now, now I go out of the door!


  1. Sweet <3
    I love the third look =)

  2. Make up beautiful as always :)
    There is an award waiting for you on my blog :)

  3. I need that Gosh eyeliner!!! Blue Whale looks very nice as well :)

  4. need to buy the eyeliner... I have some time tomorrow, need to go!~ great looks!!

  5. Wow these are beautiful! I wish I was as talented as you!

  6. Looove how metallic the lid colours are in the first and last set of photos :)

    And I love how that ~bruising look can be somewhat neutral, but looks quite vampy when paired with a dark lip.

  7. hey whats the color Gosh extreme liner?

  8. Thank you all sweethearts!

    And varsha, it doesn't have a name, but number is 11.

  9. I'm Baldy Girl, in Guild Wars. Friend me if you want to play sometime. :)


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