Mar 19, 2010

Gosh! Poker her face, quick!

Hola again!

My twitter followers may already know that I made another Gaga look today, this time from Pokerface video.

I was actually inspired by my Gosh effect powders, I haven't used them in a long time, and I decided to use them.
And I have to admit that I still love them. They are the next best loose eyeshadows after MAC pigments. And Ben Nye is good too.

But anyway, here's my Gosh Pokerface look:

Here's a pic with a bit of manipulation, so it'll look the same as in the video ( skin blurred, color changed, mic added, as well as the screw to the cheek thing):

And of course, here's Gaga:

I used:
  • Gosh Love that Green Mint eyeshadow stick(lid)
  • Gosh Love that Ivory eyeshadow stick (highlight)
  • Gosh Paradise effect powder            
  • Gosh Sea Me effect powder             = all mixed together to get the right shade (lid, crease)
  • Gosh Steel effect powder   
  • Gosh Angel effect powder (highlight)
  • Gosh Holographic Silver effect powder (crease, outer corner)
  • Gosh Black Ink eye pencil (lower lashline)
  • MAC Blacktrack fluidline (upper lashline, waterline)
  • Gosh Wonder Volume mascara 
  • MAC #34 false lashes
  • NYX  Terra Cotta Blush
  • MAC Sandy B + Gosh Darling on the lips
And then some unmodiefied pics:

 And closeups:

 (You can see the Holographic Silver glitter in here quite well)

But anyway, I was actually quite happy with this.

PS. The cheek metal thing is actually made from household aluminium foil :D


  1. Upeasti käsitely tuo eka kuva! Ei hitto mäkin haluaisin osata käyttää Photaria noin hyvin....

    Meikki on luonnollisestikin myös hieno.

  2. I love how this came out on you, gorgeous! :)

  3. Apua miten hyvin sä osaat meikata ja kopioida lookkeja!! Wautsi wau, olet kyllä lahjakas :)

  4. Inkivääri, useampi vuosi leikkimistä PaintShopPro seiskalla tekee ihmeitä :D En mä mitään uudempia versioita tai photareita ees osaa käyttää. Mut harjoittelu tekee mestarin, sekä meikkaamisessa, että muokkaamisessa :P

    Emeline, thank you sweetie!

    So Very Fabulous, thank you too <3

    Charming Nails, kiitos! Ja mä jaksan edelleen kadehtia sun kynsienlaittotaitoja :D Ja etenkin sun kynsiä :3

  5. I really love all your make-up work, thats so amazing.

  6. very goood job, check out my blog

  7. lol great imagination!!
    the quality of these pigments looks really really good, love the payoff

  8. Love how you edited the first picture so it looked like the video. Great job :D

  9. LOVE how you edited the photo :D you look so much like her in it!

    I also love how the eye is icy yet metallic at the same time.

  10. Love love love. I just want to know how you got your hair so white! (or if it's a wig - in which case, where'd you get it!)


  11. hi this blog entry is really nice! My friend and I are huge fans of Lady Gaga and we wanted to have a look of Lady Gaga, but we don't have so much cash, but this is a good idea for us to look like our favorite singer, thank you!


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