Mar 4, 2010

Drag me to Viva Glam!

Hello sweeties!

Silhouettescreams asked me yesterday to do a drag look, so today I did :D

This maybe isn't the most traditional drag look because I wanted to use COLORS!
So I took my ModelsOwn Pink and Orange, MUFE yellow and Stargazer blue, hid my eyebrows with Grimas eyeshadow wax and took my MUS lashes and my new Cybershop lashes.

And here's the result:







Then my today's look. 
This was actually inspired by MAC face chart. I guess it was one of the Barbie Loves MAC face charts, but I changes the colors to what I own. So there's Heritage Rouge, Gesso, Cocomotion and Unsquare:
First I tested REALLY dark lips with the look, and ended up looking a bit too goth :D

Then I changes the lipstick, and the whole look became a lot softer:

And guess what I got today!

It's MAC's Viva Glam Gaga lipstick, that finally came for sale at Finland too <3 So I got mine before they ran out:


And here it is on lips.
Maybe not my color, but hey, IT'S GAGA! :D

I really hope I'll get some shadows in mail tomorrow. Keep your thumbs up, please? :D


  1. I really love the 2nd look with the dark lips, but I lean goth :)

  2. i love the look even the goth one its gorgeous! can you do a tutorial on this:

    i love it but i need like a step by step tutorial please with a cherry on top!!!!!

  3. I like the liner in the second look!

  4. Your work is beautiful! I always look forward to seeing what you will create next!

  5. Ooooh girl - Love love love the Drag look. You actually remind me of some of the manequins on South Beach in Miami, Florida.

    I also love the Barbie look ~ your new hair color is gorgeous also!!

  6. aslkdjalskjdlkasd INSANE :D thank you so much for doing the drag look, it's amazing!

    I really love how soft the second look became when you changed up the lips :3 and I'm dying to get my hands on the Gaga lipstick, even though I reckon it wont suit me

  7. You should show us more gothic look1 ^^

  8. oh, wow! beautiful make-ups, again 8) i love your blog, it is one of the highlight of the day! hey, can u tell me where can i buy gaga lipstick (in finland)? it looks wonderful :)

  9. i just awarded you on my blog go check it out

  10. Speechless as always amazing creative makeup art
    you are beautiful

  11. pakko kysyy enkä jaksa alkaa miettii englanniks tätä et mistä ostat mac meikkisi? oon ettiny mut en oo löytäny netistä mitään paikkaa ja en kyl oo kauheesti katellu kaupoist :/ niin et olisin niiiiiiin kiitollinen jos saisin tietää sen :>

    kiitti etukäteen ^^

  12. JennyLaPeach, osan ostan stockalta suoraan, netistä tilaan joko All Cosmetics Wholesalelta tai Bridgette's Boutiquelta :)
    Mistään suomalaisista nettikaupoisa ei MAC:iä siis saa, ulkomailta pitää tilata, ja vaatii PayPalin.


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