Mar 5, 2010

Beauty from the Mail.

Hello, and thanks for the thumbs up, mailman did brought me something today!

And I did something with my new goodies too, I did this:

So did you guess what the mailman brought me today?
Package from BftE cosmetics!


I'm doing looks for their get-the-look gallery, and they were kind enough to send me 20 samples and Mix & Fix as a thank you!

I love the colors, they are really vibrant and pretty and mostly really original (at least to me).
I found out that

Black & White:
This is really pretty dark color, with silver sparkles.

This reminds me of MAC Blue Flame. It has a dark base, and blue sparkles in it.

Blue bird:
Amazing electric blue.This is one of the most amazing blue's that I have ever seen!

Clear Skies
Sweet baby blue.

Niceblue shade, I think this shifts a bit to gray.

This is maybe really more gray than blue, but it definately still haves a lot blue in it.

Atomic Teal
This is quite awesome color too. It looks almost black, but it still manages to be beautiful teal :D

Bright green with lots of shimmer.

Even though this is one of the primary pigments, I kinda fell in love with this. It's really pretty, and I'm not really sure should I label it to be green, blue, teal or just something else :D

Saturday Morning:
On the jar this reminds me a lot of MAC's Rated "R" and Chartreuse and Pagan, but swatched it turns out to be a lot greener:


This is really pretty "true yellow".

As much as I love bright colors, I have to say that this one really took my heart. This is just truly amazing. I don't even know why I like it so much, I just know it's BEAUTIFUL. It really doesn't show up as yellow, it's more of pearly color.

Peachy orange, reminds me of MUFE's star powder i have.

This is almost exact dupe of Ben Nye's Indian Copper. So if you want a cheap alternative to it, this is definately it. Check the swatch pic later in the post.

This was amazingly hard to photograph. 
It looks red in the jar, pink-toned red in pic, and it's closer to rust than red swatched :D
Really nice color!

This is really close dupe to MAC Gold Mode pigment. Again, this is a cheap alternative for it :D

This is really pretty color, it looks golden brown, but swatched turns out that it has almost purple shifter in it. BftE website says it's: "Deep brown with black undertones and green and pink sparkles"

This reminds me a lot of MSCHIC's Metallic Orchid eyeshadow, which only means that this is really sweet purple.

I don't know why, but this manages to remind me of MAC's Parfait Amour and Cornflower mixed :D 
I can assure you that the swatchpics won't give right to this one!

Well this is also one of the primary pigments, and this was the only one I already had.
I still think this is one of the most amazing purples I've ever seen.

And some swatches:

Here's in the sunlight:

And in natural (non-sun) light:

And here's the same photo, but with names :D

And here's "dupes, if you looking for a cheaper option for MAC Gold Mode, Ben Nye indian Copper or MAC Blue Flame. Never mind the Kat von D, I thought it would be a dupe, but it wasn't :3

And then the look I did with my new goodies:






MAC Painterly paint pot (whole lid)
BftE Gem (lid)
BftE Soleil (lid, partly on top of gem + inner corner + highlight + over the rhinestones)
BftE Bluebird (crease, blended to Gem + lower lashline)
BftE Atomic Teal (above Bluebird)
Gosh Extreme Art eyeliner #11 (small turquose dots)
Wet'n'Wild Megaliner (upper lashline)
MSCHIC Electric Blue Sea Eyestain (waterline)
BodyTalk false lashes
Pale yellow rhinestones from Pencula

I think I'll post my LOTD pics tomorrow. :3

PS. If there's this much work to photograph, swatch and "review" just 20 shadows, how am I gonna make it when my 70 Aromaleigh samples come?! :D


  1. Todella upeen näkönen toi silmämeikki! Ihanat värit ja ihanan kimaltava~

  2. Wow, so very pretty! Maybe I should try them to.

  3. I loooove the look you did, so sparkly and the colour placement is awesome.

    And OMG so much great eyeshadow! Saturday Morning looks like Pagan and Chartreuse had an eyeshadow baby :)

  4. Very nice colours and soleil seems hard one to find.

  5. Wow, those colours are really pretty. I should give BFTE a try sometime. I suppose I've just been put off by the knowledge that they used to sell repackaged micas without making it clear that they were repackaged (I know that they've since labelled which ones aren't original, though).

  6. Wonderful collection of colours, i have never seen such wide range of collection glitter mixed colours.

  7. this is true perfection i love that reddy rusty colour its amazing

  8. u're an inspiration!

    are they mineral eyeshadows? how do u apply them? i have some samples and they fall all over my face when i apply with an eyeshadow brush. could never get the effects u created. =(

  9. Simply gorgeous! Your look took my breath away, especially how you combined many unlikely colors to create a stunning over all look. The swatches are great, you swatched a lot of shades I was considering buying. I hadn't thought twice about Soleil before, but now I think I should get it. Thank you so much! :D

  10. I love your contacts! Can you please list the brand and if it is sold in the U.S.?

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