Feb 14, 2010

Who's she blowing kisses from the blog?

Happy Valentine's Day for everyone! 

This is  my very pink and sweet and girly-girly LOTD. :D

Hugs and kisses and stuff! :D

 And closeup of the lips:

Here's a pic of my yesterday's makeup, more info at my MSCHIC's blog next tuesday!

And then I made a weird, dark look yesterday night, just for fun:

I added my dark contacts with it:



And finally I overkilled it with glitter and feathers:



But hey, guess what?

I'm finally gonna reveal my "big secret", it's now complately official that I'm gonna start a blog for MSCHIC.

I'm gonna review their products, and do looks with them, blog about upcoming collection and stuff. And even the website is (at the moment) only in finnish, I'm gonna blog in english, so you can easily follow me. Blog is also gonna be in blogger, so you can choose to follow my MSCHIC blog with google reader!

In the first post I'm gonna introduce MSCHIC's Tres Chic Look Book, and I've done complate 5 different looks with it!

So be sure to check MSCHIC by Jangsara when it comes out!


  1. i love this stunning
    xo mw

  2. Love all the looks! Especially the dark one!

    And congrats on the MSCHIC blog!! :D It sounds great!

  3. Congratulations on the blog!

    I love your Valentine's Day look...so cute!

  4. Tänne kolahtaa kaikki, missä on glitteriä ja/tai höyheniä. :) Ihana. Tosi paljon onnea uudesta blogisopimuksesta, kuulostaa hienolta!

  5. Aivan mahtava juttu!! Onneksi olkoon!


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