Feb 15, 2010

Arabic butterfly

Hi everyone!

I've got some request to my email to do an arabic makeup based on dress fabrics.
Unfortunately I can't post pics of the dress, but the main colors are orange, red and green.

So I was asked to do an arabic look with red, green and orange.
I coudn't use what ever brands I wanted, since they only have limited amount of colors, and I wanted to create the look they could achieve with their shadows.
They had MAC Green Brown, MAC Rose, MAC Blue Brown and MAC Ruby Red, so I tried to make the look with them.
Unfortunately I don't have Ruby Red or Rose, so I had to improvise a bit, and I mixed my own red shade using MSCHIC, MAC, Mineralissima and PureLuxe shadows. And I guess PureLuxe Charisma is quite close dupe of MAC Rose, so I used that instead.

But anyway, I'm actually superhyper satisfied with the look!

I know it's quite selfishly said, but I think this is ALMOST flawless! I only wish I would have blended the red bit better, but otherwise I love this look.

But enough babble, the pictures!










MSCHIC Eyeshadow Base
UD Half Baked (inner corner)
UD Homegrown & MAC Green Brown (middle of the lid)
UD Perversion & UD Misdemeanor (outer corner)
MAC Blue Brown (crease)
Red eyeshaow (my own mix) (above crease)
MSCHIC White Gold (highlight)
NYX Jumbo pencil Milk (white parts at lower lashline)
MSCHIC Sumi-e eye stain
MSCHIC 3D mascara
Grimas false lashes


MSCHIC Face Canvas (I totally love this stuff, I think it's better than Smashbox's Photofinish!)
MSCHIC Easy Stick foundation
MSCHIC Baked Mineral Foundation (Another Holy Grail for me, absolutely amazing product!)
MSCHIC Shading Powder & Hilighter Powder
MSCHIC Babysitter blush

MSCHIC Eyeshadow primer (yes, you can use it on lips too!)
Gosh Darling lipstick
NYX brown lip liner

Then I wanna say a thing or two about my skin.

You maybe notice the amount of MSCHIC products in my skin makeup list. I wanna show you why.

Here's my skin without makeup:

There's bumbs, pores, color is uneven... 

Here's my skin when I used Smashbox photofinish, Revlon Colorstay and MAC Mineralize Skinfinish:
 Nice, but not perfect at all.
And here's my skin today, using MSCHIC products (and absolutely no photoshopping, 'cos that would pretty much ruin the whole point):

I guess I don't need to explain anything, right?

Oh, and I forgot to tell you that I ordered Trucco Angel Eyes -palette from ebay:

Check out the swatches from Pursebuzz! I think I'll love it, when it arrives <3

But yeah, that's all this time!


  1. Wow the Arabic look is perfect and your skin looks so flawless!! Would you please tell me, which products you used? I have to get them!!! ;)

  2. Love the look .... it looks amazing. The winged lower liner is my favorite

  3. Cream, I used MSCHIC Face Canvas, MSCHIC Easy Stick foundation and MSCHIC Baked Mineral Foundation :D
    And I can really recommend them!

  4. Wow, totally beautiful!
    What are the ingredients like in MSCHIC face canvas, easy stick foundation and baked mineral foundation?

  5. Phyrra, INCI for Face Canvas: http://www.mschic.com/best-sellers/m1000.html , Mineral Foundation: http://www.mschic.com/mschic/minerals/m2004.html, and easy stick: http://www.mschic.com/mschic/foundation/m2008.html

  6. I'm a lame american who can only read english & some spanish >.<
    Thank you for the link! From what I can decipher for the baked foundation, the ingredients look pretty good.

  7. Phyrra, they are working to get the texts in english too, but basicly there's nothing superspecial in descriptions :D It's just what it is and how to use it :3
    But luckily INCI's are in english (or the universal language of SCIENCE :P)

  8. Hooray for science :P
    Thanks again for the links :)

  9. I gotta pick me up some of that MSCHIC! Thank you for putting an actual before and after shot! I almost bought a makeup book yesterday that was full of bare face shots and then the "magical" after makeup shot and they were so shopped they looked plastic.

    I want this stuff pronto now!

  10. My god, the photo with MSCHIC products is jsut amazing compared to tohers !!!

  11. This is absolutely beautiful! I'll have to try this look sometime.

  12. I have to get my hands on some of those MSCHIC-products! WOW! ..and your arabic-inspired look is flawless as all your looks. I don't have anything new to say, I just want to bathe you in words like "amazing!", "fantastic!", "gorgeous!", "outstanding!" and so on. :)

  13. Amazing , amazing eye look !

  14. So beautiful! I would agree that its flawless lol

  15. I looove the crazy liner on the bottom :D and your blending is flawless

  16. Very pretty look :)
    What did you use as msch product???

  17. omg \(OoO)/
    ..does it hide blemishes, acne ?
    But wouaw...what a perfect result!
    I didn't know this brand

    iloo80 => Jangsara said it in the..third comment i guess : MSCHIC Face Canvas, MSCHIC Easy Stick foundation and MSCHIC Baked Mineral Foundation .

    Oh, and the makeup is GORGEOUS
    everytime i check your blog i'm in love with your works...
    Lol, it's anoying when the camera think that we want to make a zoom on our eyelashes no? lol i know that x)

  18. this look is goorgeous! I love arabic inspired makeup, cant get enough of it, and what you've done here is the best I've seen so far actually:)

    ..and now I really want to try MSCHIC, might buy some when I run of out my current mineral foundation^^

  19. Wow! You can go right ahead and toot your own horn because you are right, virtually flawless! I love it! Fabulous job!


  20. is the baked mineral foundation a powder or a cream base? i'd like to try it, but how do you use it with the stick foundation?

  21. Jumalaiset nuo silmämeikit! Sie olet hurjan inspiroiva, jalka rupeaa vipattaa meikkipussille päin näitä siun silmämeikkejäsi ihastellessa.. :D


  22. Jangsara, what color are you in MAC and what colors in the MSCHIC did you use? I'm really interested in trying the combo you posted on Makeup Geek but I don't know how to pick the colors correctly!


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