Jan 5, 2010

BOSsing around

Hello again!

Today I'm gonna give you guys a step-by-step tutorial for Urban Decay's Book of Shadows vol. II.


MAC Painterly p/p
Urban Decay Twice Baked
Urban Decay Sellout
Urban Decay Jinx
Urban Decay Flipside
Urban Decay Perversion
SMH Bee's Knees
Urban Decay Bourbon 24/7 eyepencil
Revlon Fantasy Lenght "Defining"" false lashes


Firt prime your lid with MAC Painterly paint pot:

 Then add UD Twice Baked to 2/3 of your lid:

UD Sellout to inner corner, blend color together:

Add UD Jinx and Flipside to crease and above:

Add UD Perversion to crease and outer corner:

Blend well:

 Add UD Twice Baked and Perversion to your outer lower lashline, UD Sellout to your lower inner corner:

 Add the highlight color you prefer (I used SMH Bee's Knees) to your highlight:

 Line your upperlashline and waterline with UD Bourbon 24/7 eyepencil:

Add mascara and falsies if you want, and you're done!




And full face with MSCHIC Dancing Queen lipgloss/pencil set:

So there.


  1. FAB!!!! This is going to be my look for today!! Thanks!!

  2. Beautiful look. Thank you for sharing your tutorial ;)

  3. Nice look! I've also got BOS by UD this month and I am very happy with it :)

  4. I loooove love love your tutorials.

  5. ooo makes me want book of shadowsII now, would love to see more tutorials from this palette :)

  6. It is toooo good tutorial..

  7. Love it. I would love to see more from the BOS also!!

  8. I love you blog and tutoials, especially this one :) I have literally only spent about 2 minutes reading it before I subscribed so thanks for sharing
    Sylvie xx

  9. beautiful...you make it look simple...but i knw its not..:(

  10. i love this. How do u take such beautiful pictures of ureself even though u have digital camera but still???

  11. love it!!! do some tutorials with the naked palette plz.


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