Jan 4, 2010

Birth of Bananabird

Hi again sweetie pies!

Today I was in a hurry when I did my makeup, so no tutorial's this time, sorry.

But I have a question for you though;
What would yiou like to see? For example, is there any tutorial you want me to do?

But anyway, here's my LOTD:





And full face with bold lips:

  • MAC Painterly p/p
  • NYX Black Bean jumbo pencil
  • Pure Luxe Kinky (/TKB Taurus Orion)
  • UD Shattered
  • UD Mildew
  • SMH Bee's Knees

Then I was randomly playing around with makeup, and this was born:


I shall call it... Banana bird! Muahahahhaahhaaaa!

... don't ask :D

I used SMH newer palette, Fireflies and Teal Tuesday.

Hopefully I have something more to you guys tomorrow :D


  1. Banana bird! Niin söpöä! Tulin kauhean hyvälle tuulelle tuosta kuvasta, ihana meikki :D

  2. banana bird ;-))) For tutorials, I'd like to see some matte looks, please...and something with peachish, salmonish sort of colors cause I don't really know how to pull them out ....

    Thanks and keep the gorgeous work coming, you're awesome

    Caro xxx


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