Aug 31, 2009

MAC pigment samples

My dear postman Pat (or whoever *g*) brought me my MAC pigment samples. I really don't know if they are genuine, but at least most of them are great.

Here's swatches and reviews of:
  • Cornflower
  •  Full Force Violet
  •  Cocomotion
  •  Reflects Rust
  •  Teal
Oh wow. So pigmented, and stunnung shade!
Unfortunately this is almost exact dupe of Mschic Heart Throb:

Mschic is more finer dust, Cornflower is maybe a bit more pigmented. But they're really quite the same.

Full Force Violet

HUUUUUUUGE disappointment. I really don't know if this is fake, 'cos this REALLY chalky and powdery. This is almost as bad as my supercheap BeautyUK eyedusts :/ Color is nice, but I really can't do nothing with this. I can wipe it easyli off even when it's applied over from paint pot Painterly.
 I really actually hope that this is fake, else MAC makes something really crappy.

This is gorgeous. Warm golden brown, that seems to reflect little bit to the green in some light. But just a liitle bit. This is sort of mixture of my MuS Gold and Inka:

Reflects Rust
Glitter. I'm sure this looks great on top of some e/s, but since it has no pigment on itself, alone it's just a glitter.  It's really fine, and pretty shade, but nothing mindblowing. Not gonna buy the full jar ;D
OMG.OMG. Like omg. OH MY GOD.This is UNBELIAVEBLE. So vibrant and pigmented and all! 
I thought this would be like my Gosh Aquatic, but this is more greener that Aquatic.But then it's also bluer than Gosh Emerald and Green Python:
I want MORE! *g*

Bad air and LOTD

First my lousy attempt to create Air:

I'm not satified to it. It has cotton wool, Gosh Blue Whale, Gosh Spa and Gosh Golddust, and lashes I tuned.

Then my LOTD:

MAC Blackground p/p on lid
MAC Painterly p/p on upper crease
MAC One-off on lid
MAC Fresh Green Mineralize lighter shade on crease and above
Hint of Gosh Blue Whale on crease
MuS Goldglow on highlight
Mschic creme eyeliner
Max Factor False Lash Effect mascara

Aug 30, 2009

More of Parfait Amour

I'v been a little disapointed to Parfait Amour's color payout.
It doesn't really "pop" with Painterly paint pot. So I decided to do some test with different base's:

With Blackground p/p it becomes really dark. It nice, but it isn't quite the same color anymore.
With white base it just doesn't work. I becomes too greyish and blueish, kinda looses the purple.
With Painterly it's nice, but I feel like something is missing.
I had this crazy idea to try something red as a base. So I took my Gosh Tropical eye pencil in Pure Pink, and applied Parfait Amour on that.
And WOW. It really pops! It's really intense as you can see from the swatch picture above.

And this is how Parfait Amour looks on the lid:

My camera apparently washed some of the colors, Blackground based was really darker that it looks like. And of course pictures won't show the little chameleon effect that Parfait Amour has live.

LOTD: Cranberries with Parfait Amour

I came to share my LOTD with you:

(I'm sorry about my eyebrow, it looks horrible)

Wet'n'Wild Covel All consealer palette
Revlon Colorstay Ivory
Gosh transparent loose powder

MAC Blackground as a primer on the lid
MAC Painterly as a primer on above crease

MAC Parfait Amour on lid
Mschic Heart Throb on inner corner of lid
Mschic Matte Black in crease
Mschic Metallic Orchid in crease
MAC Cranberry in crease and above
MAC Seedy Pearl as a highlight
Mschic black creme eyeliner
Mschic Metallic Orchid anf Parfait Amour in lower lashline
Lyra white eyepencil on waterline
Max Factor False Lash Effect mascara

Mschic Vampirella in middle
Mschic Vintage
Lumene dark violet lipliner

Tutorial here:

Is there any look you guys would like to see? Feel free to leave me comments!

Aug 29, 2009

Look closer.

So, let's get back to my yesterdays haul for a moment:

There is:

MAC Fresh Green Mineralize eye shadow:

I really didn't plan to buy this, but I'm currently having this thing for greens, so I decided to buy it.

I'm not so sure about the darker side, which isn't IMO green especially not FRESH green, it's more of brownish, grayish green (-ish). But the lighter green is just perfect.

MAC One-off eyeshadow from Starflash collection

I didn't plan to buy this one either, but I wanted something really GREEN.
I was pondering between MAC humid and this, and finally took this one. I thought that Humid was bit too close of Gosh Emerald.

This is green, maybe not as bright green I was looking for in the first place, but best green that I found right now.

MAC Parfait Amour eyeshadow

This one was on my shopping list, since I really am a purple freak *g*
I just love how this color is sort of chameleon, blue and purple and all. It actually reminds me of my wedding dress.

I have to admit, that this wasn't quite as cool on my lid that it was in swatch. It went really blue on the lid, not purple as I thought it would go.
I'm still happy I bought it. *g*

MAC Painterly paint pot

As much as a love my Gosh Love That Ivory as a primer, there are times when I don't want to use shimmer as a primer. So this was kinda MUST to shop.

There isn't really anything else I could say about it. It's a foundation that comes in little jar, and it's not meant for the whole face LOL.

Makeup Store Ra cybershadow

I have had a thing for getting a good yellow e/s for a while. The MuS Sunset eyedust was a disappointment, so I've drooling over this Ra.

It's yellow, yes, maybe not as bright as it looks in the jar. Quite good pigmentation, but considering the price (15 euros / ~$21,5) I would expect REALLY good quality. This turns a bit dirty colored on the lid.
But anyway, it's yellow.

Mschic creme eyeliner

Lately I've been using my Blackground paint pot as a liner *blush*, so I thought it would finally be time to try real creme eyeliner. Since I'm not apparently getting my MAC Blacktrack fluidliner or anything else from that seller (long story short = She apparently stole my money), I decided to give this a try.

I've been using a liquid eyeliner for years now, so change is not gonna be easy. This felt a bit sticky, I don't know if their suppose to be a bit sticky? I really can't say much of this, maybe I'll come back to it some time.

Mschic Grass Mineral eyeshadow

Matte green. This was cheap, so I bought it.

It's pigmented like all the other Mschic products that I've used.

Mschic Heart Throb

Oh so cool!
This is both blue AND purple. Yet another chameleon from Mschic, just like the Mint Frost Chocolate I have too. This is just gorgeus. And pigmented, and it was cheap too.

Mschic Bright Gloss Bright Purple

I really don't know why I actually bought this, maybe the little purple freak in me striked again. The bottle is just too awesome colored *g*
Too bad it isn't purple in the lips:

It's just a gloss.
There was also green, orange and yellow lipglosses, but I left them to be *g*

Revlon Colorstay liquid foundation

I went throught a awful trouble to get this.
There wasn't Revlon at Stockmann, neither Sokos (both sell almost everything you can imagine). Then friendy woman from Stockmann called from someone to ask what store sells Revlon in Finland, and I found out that Anttila is supposed to sell Revlon. I was kinda reliefed, since there is an Anttila on my way to the trainstation.
So, I went to that Anttila, looked around, and guess what? They don't sell Revlon at there.
So I head to the other Anttila that is in the center of Helsinki.
Too bad that after I've run in there, I find put that there is major sale, where you can buy 3 and pay of only 2.
So the ques were several meters long. I seach for Revlon, find it, find out that there isn't Ivory for oily skin, take Ivory for normal skin, and then I go to the end of the line.
It was a long wait.

But, I got my Colorstay, and I'm quite satisfied to it.
I was impressed when I hugged my husband, and my forehead didn't leave any marks on the black shirt. *g*

Only negative thing I currently have to say, is the bottle. There isn't anything to help the stuff to come out of the bottle. No pump or anything.

But anyway, here some swatches of the eyeshadows:

And one thing abou Mschic jars:

What's with the lids? Why on EARTH every lid needs to be different? Really annoing.

Then my yesterdays makeup:

The next thing is really AWESOME:
When I went to Stockmann, and their MAC counter, the girl in there REMEMBERED me from the last time. She started to compliment my makeup, she even complimented my makeup to her workpartner. Her opinion was that I should come and work with them to MAC counter *g*
I was like THIIIIIIS happy *g*

And finally, here's mu today's makeup:

Aug 28, 2009

Howl! I mean, HAUL....!


Painterly Paint Pot
Parfait Amour e/s
One-Off e/s
Fresh Green Mix mineralize e/s

Grass e/s
Heart Throb e/s
Creme eyeliner black
Bright Gloss Bright Purple

Ra cybershadow

Colorstay foundation

I'll swatch and review them later.

Aug 27, 2009


So, today I tried to do water.

I don't think I'm gonna post this to the contest, since I really don't like the eyebrow.
I hate it :S
The idea is good IMO, I think I'll use it again to create water, but I won't make the eyebrow like that.

I'm not saying it's bad. I'm just saying I've could have done it BETTER.
Maybe the next one won't be so chaotic.

And then my LOTD, smokey silver.

One to show more the true colors:

MAC Blackground paint pot
Gosh Steel
Mschic matte black
Mschic Mineral Snow
Wet'n'Wild silver eyepencil in waterline

Mommy Earth.

Time for EARTH.

In this one I actually amazed myself a ittle, which doesn't happen a lot :D
I used something that I didn't even think was possible to use.

So, I once bought 60 jars of different glitters from Ebay.
I think they were meant for nailstuff, like making acryllic nails and stuff, but hey! It's glitter, of course I use it for makeup! *g*

Anyway, only things that I didn't think were useful, were these small stone flakes:

Until now. *g*

So, my first idea was to make traditional brown-green makeup for earth, but then I started to fool around with my MuS browns, found those flakes, and voilá; Idea was born.

Here's what I used:

MAC Blackground as a primer
MuS Gold
Lighter flakes
Darker flakes
MuS Inka
Gosh Rosewood

Grimas false lashes

And this is what I came up with them:

You can really see the flakes in this one:

I think the pictures are a bit bad, I did this makeup at night, so I coudn't take any of the pics in natural light. But, you can see the makeup clearly and all, so I guess they're okey *g*