Aug 31, 2009

MAC pigment samples

My dear postman Pat (or whoever *g*) brought me my MAC pigment samples. I really don't know if they are genuine, but at least most of them are great.

Here's swatches and reviews of:
  • Cornflower
  •  Full Force Violet
  •  Cocomotion
  •  Reflects Rust
  •  Teal
Oh wow. So pigmented, and stunnung shade!
Unfortunately this is almost exact dupe of Mschic Heart Throb:

Mschic is more finer dust, Cornflower is maybe a bit more pigmented. But they're really quite the same.

Full Force Violet

HUUUUUUUGE disappointment. I really don't know if this is fake, 'cos this REALLY chalky and powdery. This is almost as bad as my supercheap BeautyUK eyedusts :/ Color is nice, but I really can't do nothing with this. I can wipe it easyli off even when it's applied over from paint pot Painterly.
 I really actually hope that this is fake, else MAC makes something really crappy.

This is gorgeous. Warm golden brown, that seems to reflect little bit to the green in some light. But just a liitle bit. This is sort of mixture of my MuS Gold and Inka:

Reflects Rust
Glitter. I'm sure this looks great on top of some e/s, but since it has no pigment on itself, alone it's just a glitter.  It's really fine, and pretty shade, but nothing mindblowing. Not gonna buy the full jar ;D
OMG.OMG. Like omg. OH MY GOD.This is UNBELIAVEBLE. So vibrant and pigmented and all! 
I thought this would be like my Gosh Aquatic, but this is more greener that Aquatic.But then it's also bluer than Gosh Emerald and Green Python:
I want MORE! *g*


  1. Hi Jangsara! You should try Reflects Rust over MACs limited e/s "Off the Page"... Its AMAZING!!!

  2. I'm not keen on MAC's reflects since they're all just glitter, I had a yellow one but didn't really like it. I prefer nice shimmer to glitter.

    Teal is one of my favourites, yours looks genuine there as far as I can see. Teal is a good example of the texture and pigmentation of the shimmery pigments, which are the best. Landscape Green is like a matte version of Teal and also a MAC Pigment, but I have the hardest time getting it to show up unless I apply it wet.

    I'll send you a sample of my MAC Basic Red if you like, for free, since I hardly ever use it. I have Primary Yellow too, which was in the same collection as Basic Red. I'll send you a couple actually, I don't have an incredibly vast pigment collection but I have a few you'll probably like, since I always go for bright colours.

    E-mail me your shipping info if you like and I'll find some little jars or something and make some up for you :]

  3. Oh, the full force violet probably isn't fake, MAC's matte pigments are very chalky and hard to work with, and they tend to just blend into nothing and are hard to apply.

    They will apply beautifully wet, though, so you can try that. I have True Chartreuse which is matte but goes on gorgeous if I use it wet. Burnt Burgundy is matte too, but is another nice one.

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