Dec 12, 2009

S is for Stuff. C is for China. And it makes no sense!

Wooooh, I had STUFF day today :D It means that I got lots of STUFF :D

First of all, my SMH order arrived, and I got my custom 15 pan palette AND my 28 neutral pan palette.

Also, my ex-husband came from China, and he brought me bunch of stuff, including 100% FAKE MAC eyeshadows, 2 wigs, hair accessories, 2 cheap eyeshadows palettes, glitter palette, mini tophats, jewelry... :D

But anyway, I'll get back to the china stuff later, now the SMH order.

So, I have really bad collection of neutrals, since I rarely use any. But I've noticed lately, that it would be useful to own some neutrals too.
So the 28 pan neutral palette was my choise.

It's cheap, and it has a good selection of different shades, as you can see:

I really was suprised how big the palette was! Lately I've been used to be suprised how SMALL the palettes are, but this is really big. It's about 11 inches from corner to corner, about the size of a netbook :D

Anyway, I did some quick swatching with the colors, and I was pleased with the quality. I guess many of them are really dupable, but I'm not really planning to buy dupes for these.

Anyway, I think it's a great add to my collection.

And here are the swatches, started from right, going to left:

And the are the three last colums: 

Then of course my new SMH baby came too!
I ordered the sweetest new colors:

(From left to right:) Rush Hour, Fireflies, Call a Treuse, X-treme, Teal Tuesday,
Scandalous, Fantasy, Striptease, Pandora, Ultra Violet,
Foxy, Fifi, Chic, Glitz, Euphoria

I love them

Only really disappointing find was actually X-treme, with has a bad color payoff. It's a really stunning shade, but also really hard to work with.

And my Pandora was a little bit broken :(

But I have to say, that Ultra Violet is a killer. I LOOOOOOOVE that purple! I admit that Foxy, Striptease, Pandora, and Fifi are very much alike, but I don't care. They are all sweet

Here are the swatches:


Another look at the Ultra Violet:

And here a really quick messed up swatch look I did with new SMH colors:

Adn then to my China stuff!

First of all, I want to say that I really don't want  to support fake products or piracy or anything, but I wanted to know what quality the fake-MAC's are.
And I know that fake-MAC's are sold in almost every corner in China, I asked my ex to bring me some of the them to try.

Here's the fake's I got:

They have MAC written all over them, but to my eye, there's FAKE written all over them :D

So, they are definitely fake, but are they BAD?


I did some swatching, and I was really suprised.

I love the purple one. The "dark" blue one is also really cool color, but the purple is AWESOME.

It's really similar to Pure Luxe Grape or SMH Ultra Violet:

It might even be a bit more intense than the others!

But, here are the rest of the swatches:

And an another quick swatch look, this time with fake-MAC's:

So, I'm not saying that the colors would be BAD. I wouldn't probably buy them, since they try to sell with someone else's name, but I'm not gonna throw them away either. I even might use them some day :D

Then the other 2 palettes.

These are (as far as I now) really cheap one's. This next one was about... $2 or something.

You can't expect much with that amount of money, right?

Palette is quite small, but I think the package is adorable:

So, there's 12 super shimmer colors.

I have to say, that they really look amazing. You can't really see it in pics, but almost every color seems to be duo-tone, like the green one shifts to lime/gold, and the purple one shifts to blue, and the magenta one shifts to light blue/purple...

I have to admit, that I really like this palette. Most of the colors are really pretty, and most of them are really pigmented too.

And, believe it or not, the pink/purple color is EXACT dupe of Ben Nye Cosmic Violet :D
Orange is close to MAC Off the Page, but this one is cooler and more shimmery than Off the Page.

Anyway, here comes the swatches:

And here yet another quick swatch look, using this palette only:

Then the other palette, which is a bit bigger than the previous, and this one has 18 shimmery colors:
See the cute leopard spots? :D

This one hold couple of really sweet duo-tone shades too. For example, I really like the light green/ lime color.

So, some of these colors are good, some bad. First of all, they are mostly almost over shimmery.
But for example the orange/gold and the blue/turquose next to it are really good.

Swatch pic, that isn't so good, but I'll guess you get the point from it:

Okey, then the last palette, the cream glitter palette.

Sure it looks cool, but really.

It's quite horrible :D

The base stuff wayyyyy too "watery", and there's only glitter on top of it.

So, don't buy it if you see it :D

Then I got three pair of false lashes, nothing really special, but anyway:

And the the EOTD pics.

 Yesterday's makeup, done with BftE 1939 and Illusion:

 Here's my today's first makeup, done with BftE Big Ego and various others:

And here's my today's second makeup, done with 28 neutral palette :

And that's it!

I might be showing my new wigs soon, if I gat inspiration to do something wild ;D

PS. My kids want to send you happy holidays:

Aren't they just ADORABLE ;D;D

PPS. I also modified another My Little Pony:


  1. ur kids are the cutes things ever!!!!!!! those faces just made my day =]

  2. The fakes are getting better and better in cosmetics too, gone are the days when my relatives brought crappy "Abibas"-branded stuff from Tallin. A friend of mine who works in a design bag company said even they can't always tell the difference between a fake and a real one. Just be careful with those fake MACs since you don't know what exactly went into those eyeshadows.. Btw, that Ultra violet is gorgeous!

  3. xLovelyMakeupx, I know :D

    PK, SMH stands for StarsMakeupHaven :)

    keijukainen, I know.I'm not gonna use those on others, and not gonna use them daily or anything.
    Funny thing is, that there is really much information on the back of the pot.
    There is ingredient list, health permit number (?), production license, implementation of standards, best before -date and lot number :D

  4. My favorite pix was the one of your kids!
    Happy Holidays to you and yours!
    And thanks for taking the time to show us your new stuff and swatching it for us!!!
    You are a dear!

  5. I posted on your youtube video, but i don't know if you got the message.
    I featured your video in my blog:

    just wanted to know also i really like your page!

  6. are a killer photographer to get your kiddos in that shot together! How CUTE they are! :)

  7. Hello,

    I just order the 28 smh palette as well and the smokey look. I hope you are able to do some looks with this as I love to leaning from you! I don't have a lot of expericance and would love your help.

    Thank you!

  8. nice palettes, even the fake Macs :) and your kids are lovely!!!


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