Dec 16, 2009

Jangsara (&) presents:

First of all, I wanna say that I'm sorry for my absense, I've cleaning the house and chilling, and then cleaning some more and and :D

Christmas is coming, and I want the house to be at least a bit pretty :3

Anyway, I got my christmas prezzies a bit early this year.

My sweet husband bought me Urban Decay Book of Shadows vol II and Kat von D Beethoven palette from Ebay!
And they already have arrived, so I have to say that I'm happy as a clam *g*

I'll start with the Kat von D's Beethoven palette, 'cos that arrived first.

So, here's the package:

Then it opens like this:

And has this inside:

And after that is the palette itself:

Here's how the palette looks like:

And some close-ups:



Swatches in normal light:

 Lucifer,  Speed Blue, Razor Gray, Tequila, Sinner, Red Purple, Leather, Galeano
And sunlight:

I originally wanted the Metal Orchestra palette, but it was way too expencive for my taste. It would have cost me around $70- $100 from Ebay.Especially if I don't have a chance to even swatch it before buying.
So, I decided to go with the Beethoven, 'cos it was cheaper (not cheap still, though), and to find out are they even any good.

Well, I guess they are. Colors are really pretty, and very pigmenteted. Some of them feel really creamy.
And I love way it was packed  :D

And then to my other new baby, also from Ebay, Urban Decay Book of Shadows vol II.

The box:

It opens like this, there a small book and a large mirror:

The the "drawer" comes out, revealing the makeup, eyeshadows and Primer Potion and 24/7 pencils Bourbon and Zero:


And the colors:

Well, they are all great. I alse think that Midnight Cowboy Rides Again, Maui Wowie and Nylon are much too close to each other. But if I ignore that (which I do now) colors are great. Really pigmented and easy to use. Pencils seem to be really nice and lasting, and Primer Potion really seems to be worth of all hype. I don't know about the whole box thing though.
Sure it LOOKS sweet, and it's totally unique, but it takes a lot of room and I personally don't like the whole idea.

Then some random stuff I've also shopped:

- MAC Fluidline Blitz&Glitz
- MAC Frost Lipstick Sandy B
- Everyday Minerals Mint mini concealer 
- NYX eye/eyebrow pencil Brown
- Maybelline dream mousse blush 02 Coral
- MAC Still Life paint

- Meow Cosmetics ModernEyes: Ducat e/s
- Meow Cosmetics Blush: What's new pussycat blush
- M.A.D minerals Sunset beige e/s
- M.A.D minerals Translucent veil
- Coastal Scents Diva Defence Primer

And here's the swatches of the UD Book of Shadows vol II, as well as swatches of some other new stuff. And MAC Blactrack is on the for the comparison of MAC Blitz & Glitz:

I have to say, that the Blitz&Glitz saved my day, since it's almost the same as Blacktrack, which I was running really low :D

OH, and I HAVE to put a pic of the chrismast prezzie I made for my husband:

It's formerly known as My Little Pony, now known as My Little Optimus Prime.
I'm really, really happy how it turned out!


  1. I've got thr Urban decay too ! Half baked and twice baked are just awsome !

  2. love ...lucky gurl..i want makeup for christmas too ...=)

  3. The cheapest Metal Orchestra I found was less than $60 with postage but never know if the customs want to nip in and take something extra.

  4. Oi, sä kustomoit ponejakin..!

  5. That Pony Optimus Prime is so cooll!!! Is that clay or playdough wax? omg I love it! hehehe... I want makeup for christmas too ;) Thanks to you I discovered Pure Luxe ;) and all of these beautiful ways to use eyeshadows.


  6. You pony looks great, I wonder how you do that :)
    I have the Book of Shadows 2, too, and just got the Kat von D palette yesterday in the mail! It looks gorgeous! Can't wait to see what look you'll be doing with it, because I need inspiration ;-)

  7. Waow !! The Little Optimus Prime is amazing !!!

  8. I just got my package from the Sephora F&F-sale in the US this fall (it had been laying at my US address for a while), and I got the Kat Von D "True Love" and "Beethoven" in addition to some other stuff. My "Beethoven" did not open like yours? The cardboard box opened on top, like a small chest.

    Oh well.. I wanted to wish you a very merry Christmas with lots of joy and happiness, and thank you for sharing your talents with us. :)

  9. Wow! Nice :D I really like Blitz&Glitz too.

    My little Optimus Prime= <3


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