Dec 30, 2009

Queen of shopping

Whoa, what is this, forth day in a row that I'm posting? Wohoo, quite cool! :D

I was at the "after-christmas-sales" yesterday, and I almost DIED when I went to a store called Kicks.
They had bunch of Make Up Store makeup and stuff on sale, -30% to -50%.
And the best thing (well, worst to my wallet) was that they had Make Up Store's fantasy lashes on sale ;_;

They still weren't free, so I had to narrow my choices to just three pairs.
I chose Queen, Glam and Punk.

Here's some photos:

The boxes. I think they are cool too, so smooth and slick!

 Glam. I've been wanting these since forever or something :D

Queen. These are just overkill, but every girl need a pair of overkill lashes, right? Right?

Punk. These are sort of a tribute to my old lashes that broke when I did my Aurora Borealis makeup. They were just plain black though.  I'm really not sure aboutthe whole neon green thing, but that can be arranged :3

And I just HAD to try them instantly. Note that I'm not using any glue on the lashes, so if they look funny, it's because of that:

Queen. What an effect! Like whoa, a spider leg eye! Total overkill! :D

Punk. I just love those little feather thingies.

Glam. I don't know, I instantly think of owls and bambies and birds when I see these. I love the pattern on the lashes.

Then I bought the cutest bag-thing ever! I really don't know what I'm gonna do with it, but it was cute and love and cheap and PURPLE <3:

I also bought a mask:

I hope we'l lbe seeing it soon in some of my creations!

I also bought a feather fan, but I was way too lazy to photograph it too :D It' black, it's a fan and it has feathers in it :D

Then I made some experiments with the Queen -lashes:

And some really creepy s*it:

I love those lashes <3

And then my today's makeup, again done with UD palette's:

Sellout, Haf Baked, Twice Baked, Polyester Bride anf Oil Slick.

Apparently my year is not changing in the best way, we just found out that my husband's salary is gonna drop radically, so I need to find a job FAST.Anyone got a job for me, preferably in Finland, ASAP? KTHXBYE *g*


  1. Didn't you say a while ago that the ladies at Mac had told you you should work there? Worth applying IMO! Or was it another brand?
    And there's a Make Up For Ever store in Helsinki, if I remember well :-D

  2. Musing on Beauty, yes it was MAC, but problem is that they require somekind of "official training" from people who work there. So being just good isn't enough. :( Same thing almost everywhere.

  3. You should make a portfolio about your work and skills. I guess it would open doors quite well? People are totally crazy not to hire so skilled make-up artist like you, school papers or not!

  4. Wow! That black and white shot is GORGEOUS!

  5. Jangsara, Rocket Queen doesn't have any official training either, but she got hired at MAC thanks to her blog. So why not you? :) Send 'em your portfolio, you got nothing to lose!

  6. Where on earth is Kicks, gotta run there fast as I can :D

  7. You are amazing! I can never pull off those false eyelashes except maybe the feather one but wow, and the photographs... I love them!! Gorgeouss!!

    Happy new year!!! May 2010 be even better than 2009!!



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