Dec 29, 2009


So, okay, something exciting happened to me yesterday!

Postman brought me a package from US, and for a moment I was really confused, since I didn't remember ordering anything.

In the package there was 9 pairs of Revlon's Fantasy Lengths false lashes, and as a bonus a pack of their Runway Collection false nails too!

Why did I get them? 'Cos Janet Lai from Revlon contacted me, and wanted me to try them. Of course I wanna try (free) lashes, duh!:D

But anyway, here's what I got.


Flirty with glue:

Flirty self-adhesive :



Blue Shadow:

 Runway Collection nails, "Mystic":

I haven't really tried the lashes yet, but I'll let you know how they are as soon as I got time to try them on. But the nails are nice, glue keeps them in place very well.


Today I wanted to do gold/black makeup, but I ended up using MAC Brushed Metal-X Gold Spice, which is maybe a bit more bronze than gold, but anyway. I also used Make Up Store Gold Dust and MSCHIC Mineral Matte Black:




  1. Janet contacted me too but I've never received anything until now!! It's weird, she has never responded to my reply, what do you think went wrong? =( She contacted me and I never received any package... =(

  2. So lucky they all look fantastic! Can't wait to see what you do with them!

  3. How exciting!!! They just sent them to you?! That's awesome!

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