Nov 13, 2009

M is for MAC. M is for Mineralissima. M is for ME!

So, I had to leave the house early in the morning today, so I wasn't quite awake when I made my LOTD. Here's how it turned out:


My makeup gig went well. I learned something new from theatrical makeup (Remember to makeup the ears too :D), and had fun. Premiere is on sunday, I'm going there too.

Anyway, when I finally came home, I had (snail)mail.

This is what I found from the envelope:

Like WHOA! It's amazingly pretty! Probably prettiest card I've ever seen <3 Satu from Pencula webshop has made it, and inside the card was these:
And these:

I got samples of Mineralissima eyeshadows, and amazingly sweet collection of rhinestones! how lovely is that?! <3

Here's swatches of the Mineralissima shadows:


This is really dark matte army green. Quite sweet color :D


Pic doesn't quite give right to this, this is pretty pale green.


Oooh, this is so pretty! It's kinda duotone green, really pretty!


Light shimmery purple.


Yet again, the pic doesn't give right to this, this is really gorgeous golden color, with orange tone.


Pink with lots of gold in it, similar to Gosh Rosegold and Mschic Pretty in Pink.


Matte warm red-ish brown.


Matte brown.

Pink Champagne:

This is sweet color too, it's golden, it's brown-ish, it's pink.

Then the weirdest thing happened to me today! I noticed that this followed me home, so I decided to keep it :D:D :

And what's inside?

Kitchmas, Grape, Deeb Blue Green,  Reflects Transparent Teal and Fuchia:

... And swatches:




This is similar to Push The Edge, except this has light purple glitter in it:

Then, MakeupGeek has Weekly Challenge again, this time it's inspired by NBA teams.
Winner(s) get Urban Decay Get Baked -palette, which I would love to have :D

So I made a look inspired by Chicago Bulls (because it looked nice *g*) :


Anyway. That's it this time, I don't know if I have time to update my blog tomorrow, but I'll try!


  1. Best wishes on the challenge!! So creative!

  2. i want those mac pigment sets! love the look you did

  3. gorgeous as usual!!! You did a good job for the challenge, i saw the others makeup and you are really creative!!!!

  4. I love your Chicago Bulls make-up! Makes me want to do something for my hockey team ^_^

  5. i like the things you got from pencula.. to bad the site it's not in english...

  6. I like chicago bulls make-up. It's look some thing different.


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