Nov 12, 2009

Going Green.

I have a "Meh" -day. My inspiration to do ANYTHING is just GONE.
I hope tomorrow will be a better day, because I have a makeup gig tomorrow. I'm going to do stage makeup for one opera project. I'll tell you more when I know more :D

Anyeay, my first LOTD was quite... Bold. Super green with lots of glitter:

I just had to try green lips too!

But I ended up with more neutral color:

Later my makeup transformed to this:
I had Poison Ivy in mind, but.. well.

I also made an experiment with lips and stars and rhinestones:

Then I washed my face and made more "serious" LOTD:

Done with using Mschic Divina.

This weekend is also Beauty Fair in Helsinki Exhibition and Convention Centre, where I'm going.

"It's the largest beauty event in The Nordic Countries is targeted for beauty professionals as well as consumers who take interest in their looks."

I'll try to write somekind of report of it later.


  1. I like the lips with the stars! Very pretty!

  2. Love love love the first green look! Could you please list the used products?

  3. You have definitively magnificent eye shadows, a great camera with a lot of talent =)

  4. You should check out the green lips of Alex Box from Illamasqua :)
    And I like the look ;)

  5. Just love the transformation of the green look!

  6. Gorgeous!
    Too bad I'm not in Helsinki for that event.

  7. Jumalainen tuo vihreä! Laitathan raporttia messuilta??

  8. Girl, I LOVE your blog. So fun to look at, and you always have tons of different styles ♥!


    ...Errrr. :P Yes, loving that green. Now to only find that same kinda shade from somehere....

  10. Gorgeous as always! Could you please add what green you used in the first look, if you remember them of course?

  11. Ihania meikkejä! Olisi kiva nähdä enemmänkin tutoriaaleja (:

  12. Thank you all!

    I really TRY to find time to make more tutorials on youtube or here!

    Une fille Lambda, I used mainly StarsMakeupHaven Fresh and Lime Light to the first look, there might be a hint of Pure Luxe Pandora in the crease :D

  13. Thanks a lot Jangsara (maybe a little bit of NYX glitter cream in green too?)


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