Oct 17, 2009

Lost but not forgotten

Yet another day.

I have troubles using bright colors. Maybe it's because of the fall?
Anyway, today's LOTD was made with MAC Cocomotion and Vintage Gold:


MAC Painterly p/p
MAC Cocomotion pigm. (lid)
MAC Vintage Gold (crease and above + lower lashline)
SMH Over the Moon e/s (blending)
Grimas matte black e/s (crease)
MAC Polished ivory pigm. (highlight)
Gosh Velvet Touch eyepencil Black Ink (upper and lower lashline)
MAC Blacktrack fluidline (waterline)
NYX Jumbo pencil Milk (waterline)
MF FLE mascara

And about my makeup collection, here are some better pictures:

This is my traincase, bought from Ebay:

Here is some kid of list of some of the stuff I have. It doesn't have any MAC's included, so it's really not up to date, but it gives an idea of the other stuff there.

Here are my pigments (mostly samples) from MAC, Mineralissima, MUFE and Pure Luxe:

And then my NYX Pearl Mania pigments:

Then my Lanmei "pigments" (some of them are actually glitters):

And my (mostly) brandless glitter collection:

Horrible, unorganized false lash collection:

And my special FX stuff, 120 color palette, brandless contourpalette and some misc stuff:

And finally my skin stuff:

Then there still is my pen/eyeliner container, which I didn't photograph.

Pictures are ugly, but I guess you get the point :D
I have awfully lot of stuff, some of them I've never even used :D


  1. Oho, teikäläiseltähän tavaraa löytyy! :D

    Olen huomannut että syksy vaikuttaa vähän samalla tavalla myös mun meikkaamiseen. Mieluummin käyttää niitä vähän murrettuja, lämpimiä sävyjä kuin ihan kaikkein kirkkaimpia.

  2. Joo, tossa ei siis ole kaikki, mulla pyörii nurkissa unohdettua tavaraa aika paljon :D

    Ja joku tässä syksyssä tosiaan vaikuttaa, mut ehkä se on silleen ihan hyväkin, kun on paljon käyttänyt noita kirkkaampia, niin saa nää "neutraalimmatkin" värit käyttöä :D

  3. Oi ihania, saako tulla meikattavaksi sun luo :D

  4. Love you collection! Cool to see that you have Make Up Store shadows. I have lots of them. What do you think of them vs Mac's in terms of pigmentation etc?


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