Aug 10, 2009

The world is noooooot enough.

Today I finally did it.
I organized my makeup into my train case:
So, what is in there?

Let's take a closer look.

First there is my Gosh waterproof eyeshadows, Love That Moss, Love That Ivory and Love That Mint. There's also some random Wet'n'Wild Shimmer Dust, and my browcolors from H&M and from Wet'n'Wild.

Then my lipsticks, part one.
There's 2 Gosh Light'n Shine Lipgloss on the bottom, 4 BeautyUK lipglosses, 4 Max Factor LipFinity lipsticks, 1 Rimmel lipgloss, 1 Gosh lipstick, Makeup Store Pop lipgloss and one brandless lipstick.
Then my Mac's. There isn't many :(

Then my eyeliners. Only liquids here, pencils are in the pencilholder as well as my cheap chinese brushes too *g*
Anyway, here is Gosh Extreme Art eyeliners in teal, gold, red and golden glitter, BeautyUK glitterliners in pink, purple and white, 3 Wet'n'Wild Megaliners, 1 Isadora light blue eyeliner, 1 H&M silver glitter liner, Makeup Store brown glitter liner and Makeup Store liquid Glitter eyeshadow. And 4 adhesives.

Some random stuff here. On the left there is 2 Isadora eyeshadow palettes, Bys "baked" eyeshadow, Anytime triopalette and Wet'n'Wild mono eyeshadow. On the right is Anytime powder, Gosh translucent loose powder, 2 Rimmel blushes, 1 laura Paige blusher combo, 2 brandless blushes and Makeup Store Cherry blush.

Then my babies. My Gosh effectpowders.
There's Sunstone, Blue Whale, Green Python, Rosewood,
Holographic Silver, Fox, Emerald, Paradise,
Apple Jam, Plummy, Rosegold, Butterfly,
Steel, Gold Dust, Green Fingers, Spa,
Sea Me, Pineapple, Glamour, Purple Rain
Lumene teal dust, Lumene lilac dust and Gosh Aquatic effect powder.
And then there are my mascaras, there's Rimmel Sexy Curves, Maybelline Colossal Volum express, Gosh Extreme 2 step Volume , Lumene extra volume, L'oreal Volume shocking, L'oreal Double Extension Beauty Tubes, Lumene mascara&eyeliner combo, Maybelline Star Stylist Diamonds and Max Factor False Lash Effect.

Next on the left there are my Gosh eyeshadows, there's nameless yellow, Gold, Aqua, Aqua/Mint, Silver/Gray, Apple/Lime. Then there's some brandless colortrio and 3 BeautyUK's eyedusts.
On the right are the rest of my lipsticks. There's 1 Chanel lipstick, 2 Maybelline lipstics, 1 'oreal lipstick, 1 wet'n'Wild lipstick, 2 brandless lipsticks, and Makeup Store Starlips Hollywood.

Oh god, the random. On the upper part is my Wet'tWild CoverAll concealer palette, L'oreal True Match powder, BeautyUK bronzer palette, Gosh eyequattros Aloha and Sweet, and Makeup Store microshadows East and Lovely Linnea.
The other slot... Phew. There's 4 Grimas eyeshadows, 4 Anytime triopalettes, Makeup Store Sunset eyedust, 2 H&M mono eyeshadows, 1 Rimmel white shimmer, 1 nameless eyeshadow quattro, 1 H&M colortrio, 1 Wet'n'Wild colortrio, 1 Revlon monoshadow and 1 Rimme colorduo.

And like I said somewhere there earlier, my pencils are in a pencil holder. There's Wet'n'Wild, Makeup Store, Gosh, Avon, BeautyUK, Lumene, H&M...

Then I of course have my dear 120 color palette, and I also have ~60 jars of some chinese eyedusts and 60 jars of glitter that I have bought from eBay :3

Then I have some really random makeup, that I never use. I don't even know where most of them are :P

I also apperently forgotted to include my foundation to the pictures, it's Maybelline Satin Liquid.

But Yeah, that's about it.


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