Sep 7, 2009

Time for GORE!

Get prepared, this is gonna be a long post with lots of pictures.

Okay, halloween is apparently coming on this year too, so it's time to get GORE.
I love doing gore-effects *g* They are quite easy to do, and you don't have to be too careful, 'cos wounds and scars aren't pretty.


You wanna learn to do this?

Let's get learning then!
You need:

It's specially meant for creating scars and wounds. This one is from Grimas. 
Some random blush, some random dark, reddish eyeshadow and black eyeshadow.

I used MAC Blushbaby blush, 'cos I think the shade is just perfect. Not too pink, not too brown. 
Then I used MAC Heritage Rouge, it's brownish red, just suitable for icky wound. Black is used to make the wound look deeper.
Black, if possible. Mine is dark green, since I didn't find any black thread.
Fake blood
Any brand will do. Mine is some supercheap and horrible to use, in a really stained container :S
Some grains of rice
It doesn't matter what type they are :D
Gore-artist's best tool *g*
How will we transform these into a hideous sewed wound with maggots?

1. Let's start with a hand and some dermawax.
Take a ball of dermawax, warm it in your hands so it's soft and appliable.
Then place it on your skin:
2. Then blend it from the edges, so it looks like a bump in your skin:

3. Then press something on it to create the wound's shape (I used my lash adhesive tube :3 ):
4. Then add some color to the wound. Red/reddish to the inner edges, black and darker shades on the bottom of the wound:
5. Then we blend it a bit more to the skin, and lower the whole bump a bit. I also shaped my wound to look more natural:
6. Then we have an open wound. OMG, what are we gonna do with it?! 
Oh, I know. Let's sew it closed. *g*
Take your thread and cut small pieces out of it. I mean really quite tiny. Only a bit longer than your wound is wide. Then press the piece of thread over the wound with tweezers:
7. Repeat step 6 as many times as you want.

8. Finally you should have something like this:
9. Of course you can leave it to that, but I prefer MORE GORE! 
Take a your blush, and apply it carefully on top of the wound. Don't press too hard. We want the wound to be a bit irritated looking.
Take vaselin. Apply some to the wound, and especially around the wound. You can blend the edges of dermawax this way too.
Glossy = Gore *g*
10. The take your fake blood. Apply only a tiny amount inside the wound. You can also add bloody "needle holes" where the stiches are. I think that an actual needle is the best way to apply blood:
Glossy + bloody = SUPERGORE!
11. Then we take the rice grains. They make cute little worms.
Take grain, stick it in the wound, take another one and put it somewhere near the wound:
(Oh, and never mind the "zit" in the hand, I made that one too, but it failed, so I didn't take photos of that one)

12. Then, if you want, you can take a needle with you to the Halloween party and in front of your friends STICK IT THROUGH YOUR SKIN (Through the dermawax, naturally):
(Apparently the zit is gone too at this point *g*)

13. Then you can just rip the whole wound away:
And everything is back to normal:
(Hopefully at least ;D )

I hope you found this useful!


  1. Jesus, tässähän oli ihan mahtava tutorial. Tästä tulee olemaan suuri apu Halloweeninä kun meillon zombiewalk! Tack, great job!
    Mistä sä tuota dermawaxia oot ostanut?

  2. Hyvä kun on apua :D
    Ainakin Punanaamio myy arpivahaa, Eikä maksa edes mansikoita.

  3. Eww Gross! The rice is really creative!

  4. meikkejä näyttää pahalta. "haava" näyttää ommellaan verinen klitoris. se on liian kiiltävä ja vakavasti toukat se vain näyttää paskaa.

  5. haha this tutorial made me cringe its so gross but realistic looking, i work in a fancy dress shop so Im deffo gonna stock up on the wax and follow this, thankyou pretty lady!


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