Sep 8, 2009

Colors and inkblots


From gore to more normal.

Today's LOTD isn't as well blended as most of my looks, but I just don't care *g*


MAC Painterly p/p
NYX Jumbo pencil in Milk on highlight
NYX pearl mania Oro on whole lid
MAC Teal pigment on crease and above
MAC Cocomotion used to "blend" Teal
NYX peark mania Nude on highlight
MuS Goldglow on inner lid on top of Oro
Gosh Plummy effect powder on outer lid on top of oro
MAC Blacktrack fluidline
MF False Lash Effect mascara

I finally used something else from NYX pearl mania's than Nude. *g*

MakeupGeek has just annouced the new weekly challenge. Challenge is to create makeup only using black and white. No other colors allowed.
Prize apparently a "massive pile of Leishi pigments" which seems to be quite similar with my Lanmei pigements.  So yet again I'm not participating for winning, just for challenging myself.

Any way, I watched the movie called Watchmen yesterday, and I kinda fell in love with one of the characters, named Rorschach. He has this AMAZING inkblot mask. Inkblots change their shape all the time, and it's really cool. AND, it's black and white.
So, my (possible, haven't post it yet) entry for the weekly challenge is sorta inspired by Rorschach.

I primed my whole lid with MAC Painterly p/p, then with NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk.
I then applied Grimas matte white e/s to whole area.
Then I took some vaselin, applied it to lid, and started dropping Mschic loose black mineral eyeshadow on the lid.
Then I lined my upper and lower lashlines, and added black heavily on my lower lashline.
Then I took some Grimas matte white e/s, scraped it a bit to get loose color, and dropped bit of that to my lid too.

Unfortunately the vaselin got a bit messy in my crease, and became all smudgy, but let say that's the real inkblot test there ;D

Here are the pictures:

It actually looks different from different angles *g*


  1. That' s very beautiful! I have a similar "aqua" shade and I didn't know how to match it - gold is a chic combination. Have you used NYX pearl loose powder? Or is that another pearl? If you have ever tested it, could you please tell us if you liked it? I' m hesitant to buy online (there' s not any available at a store, to test it). I' m afraid it will be dry and it will damage the eyelid. I' m sorry if I ask sth you' ve already commented on previously. I would gladly read your reviews, if you post a link.


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