Sep 22, 2009

...testing.. is this on? Okay, WELCOME TO THE LIVE SHOW!

My today's LOTD is quite similar to the Northern Flame makeup I did couple of days ago. I just added some black, some different eyeshadows anf Relects Rust glitter:

MAC Painterly p/p (lid)
Mineralissima Bloody Ruby (lid)
MAC Gold Spice (middle of lid)
MAC Acid Orange pigm. (inner corner + crease and above)
Pure Luxe Tangarine pigm. (lid + crease + lower lashline)
MAC Dark Soul pigm. (crease + lower lashline)
MAC Vanilla pigm. (highlight)
NYX Nude pearl (highlight)
MAC Reflects Rust glitter
Wet'n'Wild megaliner (upper lashline)
MAC Blacktrack fluidline (waterline)

Then something REALLY special.

If you want to learn how to do THIS LOOK:

Then watch my first live tutorial:

I think I sound awfully stupid, and I'm so nervous that I babble :D:D I'm still quite terrified about the whole thing :P
But I hope that lightens up some tehniques that I use. I'll TRY to do more of these at some point!


  1. OMG you're adorable ^^

  2. Hello! Congratulations for this first video! I wanted to say to you that your make-ups are magnificent, it is a work of artist:) You have absolutely to make the other videos so that I can learn to shade off as well that you!!!!Excuse me for my approximate English because I am French;)


  3. Katoinkin jo tuon videon Youtuben puolella :) Toivottavasti teet näitä lisää, tosi kiva nähdä miten teet loistavat meikkisi livenä! Bonusta tausta-Himistä :P

  4. OMG OMG that's fantastic!! I really enjoyed watching! And your English is great really, I have a lot of Finnish colleagues who can't speak English that well!!
    I really hope you'll be doing more!!

  5. great job! you're way too hard on yourself!!! You sound great! I wish the video was a tiny bit more clear so i could view your beautiful work a bit better, but keep it up and make some more!!! Please?!!

  6. you are amazing! I love your looks and I found you on i check your blog daily. You have a beautiful deep sexy voice! :D don't's nice! heheh...i think you have inspired me to speak in a vid now! THANK YOU!

  7. Anon, how sweet, thank you so much!

    Cécilia, thank you too! I'll seriously try to do more videotutorials for you guys!

    Swedishline, thank sweetie! <3

    manana, yritän tehä :D taustalla on shuffle, joten siellä soi HIM:n lisäksi mm. Tehosekoitinta ja Kaija Koota :D

    Musing On Beauty, thanks love! Hearing that my english isn't bad makes me so much more confident talking on camera :D

    Tawni, I'm a perfectionist, can't help it :D And unfortunately I have just a plain regular webcam, so the quality isn't that good.But I'll see what I can do!

    Christina, Thank you sooo much! "Sexy deep voice" LOL :D I think I too low voice, but I always do find flaws in myself :D

  8. Thank you so much, Jagsara, for this first video !!!
    I hope you'll make lots more !

  9. Maybe your fantastic camera can be used for videos too? That would be great for the quality! (just saying, I'll watch you no matter what!!!)

  10. Hélène, Thanks, I'll try to make lots of more :D

    Musing on Beauty, unfortunately there is no video option in my camera :/
    I'm so obsessed with this whole makeup thing, that I'm thinking of buying a real digital video camera for doing tutorial :D Like how weird is that :D


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