Sep 18, 2009

Northern flame

I don't know have ever hyped my MAC Off the Page e/s. Now I just wanna say that I love it. I think it's really unique shade, orange with frosty gold tint.It's really alive color, and I wouldn't change it away EVER :D
I also love my MAC Cranberry, it's suits almost with anything, and it goes well with my eyecolor.

And so my LOTD included both of them:

MAC Painterly p/p
MAC Off the Page e/s (lid)
GOSH Sunstone effect powder (inner and outer lid)

MAC Rich Symbol (crease and above)
MAC Cranberry (crease)
Mineralissima BloodyRuby (crease)
MAC Vanilla (highlight)

Wet'nWild Megaliner
Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara
Bodytalk false lashes in outer corners

Smashbox Photo Finish primer
Revlon Colorstay foundation in Ivory
Wet'n'Wild Cover All concealer palette
MAC Blushbaby blush
MAC Mineral Skinfinish Natural in Light Medium 

Wet'n'Wild Brow Essentials palette

Gosh Auburn Twist lip pencil
Some brandless lipgloss
Hint of MAC Acid Orange pigment

One more small pic with my glasses. This shows how much my glasses hide of my makeup:

I  really, really, really, REALLY want Kat Von D's Metal Orchestra palette:

I would also LOVE to have the Beethoven version:

Unfortunately the only place I can buy them, is Ebay, and Metallic Orchestra for example costs $79.99 PLUS shipping to Finland, $12.50. Maybe a BIT too much for one palette. :(
But I hope I'll win in lottery, then I can travel to USA and by it from Sephora or something :<

I'm SOOOOOO excited! They have been promising "something special" and I can't wait too see what it is \o/


  1. Great looks, absolutely gorgeous as usual!

    I want the Kat von D palettes too and guess what: there's a girl on MUG who offers to buy US products and ship them to Europe for the international MUG's. So she could buy them for you and send them! Just PM me there if you need help finding it!!

  2. Yeah, I noticed that, and I'm considering that option too :D
    I just looked, they are $34 at Sephora each, and shipping would maybe be around $20, so it's almost $100 :D
    Maybe I'll order just one of them :D

  3. These colors are definitely perfect with your eyes.
    I will try red color in the crease very soon ;-)
    Thank you for inspiration !

  4. I love these brown golden colors, I use them quite a lot in my usual makeup. Your blog is so inspiring :)


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