Sep 3, 2009

LOTD: Warm browns

Phew. I have a trouble. I have TOO MUCH makeup, I don't know what looks to do anymore :D
Suggest me a look?

But anyway, my LOTD :

I apperently have a thing for gold and brown ATM.

MAC Greenstroke p/p
MAC Painterly p/p
MAC Cocomotion
MAC Heritage Rouge
MAC Cranberry
MAC Off the Page
Nyx pearl mania Nude
Mschic creme eyeliner
Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara

I made a small order to yesterday.
I was about to order MAC well plumed eyes quad, MAC Fafi eyes quad, and MAC Alexander McQueen Eye Shadow in Pagan but then I thought that I don't really NEED any of them, and bought pigment samples instead:

MAC Paint Pot - Moss  
MAC Pigment Sample - Deep  Blue Green
MAC Pigment Sample - Kelly Green
MAC Pigment Sample - Dark  Soul
MAC Pigment Sample - Antiqued Green
MAC Pigment Sample - Acid  Orange
MAC Pigment Sample - Polished Ivory
MAC Pigment Sample - Vintage Gold
MAC Pigment Sample -  Vanilla
MAC Pigment Sample - Deep Purple

I just noticed, that I didn't order Green Brown or Blue Brown. Damn :3

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