Sep 4, 2009

Is it green already?

A miracle has happened.

Remember when I told about my mac shoppings from finnish internet auction?
I was going to do a police report of the seller, but I got my package today O_O
It took almost a month, but I got it.

Here's what I got:

MAC Blacktrack fluidliner
MAC Orb eyeshadow
MAC Blushbaby blush
MAC Hue lipstick

Then I found yet another minaral makeup site yesterday. 
Their Metallic eyeshadow collection caught my eye, and especially the green one.

I thought I'd give them a try, and ordered some samples:

Blackstar Blue - Is it Black? Is it Blue? You decide because we cannot. It's definitely fabulous!
Blackstar Green - An intense black metallic eyeshadow with a hint of green
Bloody Ruby - A deep metallic, slightly burgundy red. Shocking! 
Illusion - A surprising reddish shadow with green and purple hues.

And finally my LOTD:

MAC blackground & Painterly p/p
MAC Teal pigment
Mschic Mineral black
MAC Fresh Green mineralize
Nyx Nude pearl mania


Apparently my inspiration is running low. I have so many beautiful shadows, I don't know what to use.
And more is coming :P


  1. Too much makeup kills the makeup :-)
    I feel that too, which is why I am currently challenging myself to use the same palette every day during one week. I am successfully finishing my first week with the bronze/gold palette.
    Next week: plums and pinks! :-)

  2. I don't even have any other palettes than the 120 one :P I've been using a lot of my MAC's now, since they are the one's that have cost me a bunch of money. :P

    Hue actually isn't that great. At least on me. :/

  3. Now dont go spending all your money on makeup when you get to pick a bunch of mine for FREE! haha I'm getting so excited to see what Antti is working on! He said that you can take double the makeup because he would rather you have it then me repay him. So I'd say a couple months of hard work is atleast worth 20 pots! I sent antti of all the pics, and they are up on my blog now, so check em out, and if you would like me to swatch some colors before you choose let me know and I will add them to my blog!
    xoxo Richelle(BlushBaby)

  4. Eek, which company? Because Blackstar Green and Blackstar Blue are two exact names of TKB wholesale micas... I don't want you to pay for re-packaged products =[!

    Here's the TKB ones:
    Green -

    Blue -

  5. Blsuhbaby, oh so cool! I'll check the pics out ASAP, and let you now what would I like to see swatched!

    Anastasia, they might be the same ones.
    I paid 1,4€ (~$2) of 1/4 sample with jar, 5.95€ (~$8) /2g jar, so it's not impossible amount I think. And the store is in Finland, so shipping is much cheaper than ordering from US.


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