Sep 21, 2009

Hauling to the moon

Oooh, look what the mailman brought me today! I'm SOOOOOOOOO excited, I got some much AMAZING™ stuff! *g*

There is:
MAC Alexander McQueen Pagan e/s
MAC Brushed Metal-X Cream Shadow Gold Spice
MAC Chartrause pigment sample
MAC Blue Brown pigment sample
MAC Green Brown pigment sample
Pure Luxe Pandora pigment sample
Pure Luxe Grape pigment sample
Pure Luxe Tangarine pigment sample
Pure Luxe Tart pigment sample

MAC Alexander McQueen Pagan eyeshadow:

This wasn't as bright as I thought it to be, but nice. It just seems a bit hard to work with.

MAC Brushed Metal-X Cream Shadow Gold Spice:

This is really pretty and pigmentated. Sort of copperish gold :D

 MAC Green Brown:

Where's the brown? Anyone? This is nice, but I expected more green and brown.

MAC Blue Brown:

I love it! This is both blue and brown, amazingly pigmented. Love it!

MAC Chartreuse:

I thought this would be more lime O_o This is quite pale one. But nice.

Pure Luxe Grape:

Ooooooh, I soooooooo love this!! I think I don't have ANYTHING like this! This is REALLY close to my "perfect purple".

Pure Luxe Pandora:

This is also really, really, really pretty green! Really metallic, but yet still GREEN. Love it too!

Pure Luxe Tart

Nice, but really close to my Gosh Apple Jam.

Pure Luxe Tangarine:

Oooh, so pretty! This is really lovely too! Quite close to MAC Off the Page, but this is brighter!
Lovely one <3

I'll be back with my LOTD later :D

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