Sep 20, 2009

Dreaming, feeling and mixing more

Hi everyone!

Yesterday's gig was awesome, though I had some issues with my legs, there was some terrible pain going on :/ But because of the great show and amazing music, I was able to forget my pain for a while.
We heard for example an AMAZING version of Walking in the Air. It was really pretty, almost magical.

And then to my LOTD.

I got a bit carried away with mixing my own shadows yesterday :3

I wanted to make a "perfect purple", I didn't YET success :D But this was nice enought to use today.

This one is mixture of:
Gosh Blue Whale
Gosh Spa
Gosh Holographic Silver
MAC Push the Edge
MAC Brash & Bold
NYX Black Pearl
NYX Purple Pearl
Mschic Mineral Black
Mschic Metal Orchid
MuS East

And probably something more, that I just don't remember :D

But anyway, this is how it looks:


And out in natural light:


 MAC Blackground p/p (lid)
MAC Painterly p/p (above crease)

Jangsara's speciacl mix II 
MAC Cornflower (upper lashline + lower lashline + waterline)
Wet'n'Wild Megaliner
MF FLE mascara

And lips:
Mac Hue s/s
Lumene Berryfun l/g Warm Night
Zoya Hot Lips l/g Sparkle


I've been drooling MUFE's consealer palette for a while:

Problem is the price, which is ~ 40e (~ $60). I think that's pretty much.
My Wet'n'Wild consealer palette costs about ~4e ( ~$5). Do I really need coverage at that price?

Other option would be 15 eyeshadow palette.I found swatches from here, and I fell in love.

I already know what shadows would I order:

-  Bees knees

-  1492

-  Flare for the Dramatic

-  Champagne

-  Limelight

-  Fresh

-  Over The Moon

-  Plum Crazy

-  Parakeet

-  Mimosa

-  Metro

-  Walkin After Midnight

-  Wine Not?

-  Shimmerbrick

-  Frenzy

Pics from and

I think I'll have the eyeshadows rather than the consealer palette. :3  They cost about the same, and I get more fun from the eyeshadows :D

Okay, I bought it *g* the palette I mean. Final list looked like this:

Slot 15 Metro
 Slot 14 Frenzy
 Slot 13 Limelight
 Slot 12 Fresh
 Slot 11 1492
 Slot 10 Walkin After Midnight
 Slot 09 Plum Crazy
 Slot 08 Wine Not?
 Slot 07 Shimmerbrick
 Slot 06 Flare for the Dramatic
 Slot 05 Light My Fire
 Slot 04 Over The Moon
 Slot 03 Mimosa
 Slot 02 Champagne
 Slot 01 Bees knees

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  1. Katselin itsekin juuri eilen kyseisiä paletteja ja kuolasin niiden perään. Olisi hyvä kuulla rehellinen arvostelu. Itse päätin eilen kokeilla face frontin luomivärejä (näyttivät superpigmenttisiltä) ja ostaa macin uuden kokoelman pigmentit.


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