Feb 15, 2011

Elffing around

I got my second E.L.F. order today.
I'm not exactly screaming for joy when it comes to E.L.F. My US readers may ask why, and I'll explain the reason.
For example, on e.l.f.'s US site Mineral Infused Face Primer  is $6 , which is about 4,5 euros. On UK site, it's £6, which is something over 7 euros. So it's almost double the price. Sure it's still cheap, compared to other cosmetic prices, but :/
Also, e.l.f.'s UK site rarely offers any god promotions, unlike their US site.

I got myself another Mineral Infuced Face Primer, Liquid glitterliner in Stardust and Cream Eyeliner in Gunmetal:

First the cream liner.

It' deep metallic gray gel liner:

You'll also het a brush with it:
Compared to "real" eyeliner brushes this is piece of  plastic s*it, but if you don't own a specific brush, this works just fine. It's not too hard or too wide or anything.
I was trying to wipe the swatches off by hand (usually cream products come off that way), but didn't move anywhere. So the staying power is really nice.
But on bad side, it won't stick/stay on my waterline :(

Here's swatches:

Then the liquid liner.
I'm not really sure why I ordered this in the first place, but here it is.
Usually don't like glitter liners, they tend to hurt and make my eyes water big time.

This was actually kinda suprise, it didn't hurt! It also gives a decent amount of glitter:


Then I played with my new goodies a bit:

Here's e.l.f. Gunmetal cream liner on upper lashline and waterline:

Bobby Brown Iris on lid, and e.l.f. Stardust liquidline on top of  Gunmetal

Mascara added:

Ben Nye Azalea on crease and above it:

I'll also include my e.l.f. nail polishes in this post:
I'm still working with my big nail post, as well as my big face primer post and big eye primer posts... :D


  1. I have almost all the elf cream liners... There not bad

  2. I have the same pet peeves when it comes to e.l.f. So I usually wait for the 75-50% discount and then ask someone to bring my parcel in from overseas. Worth the wait imho :)

  3. Do you feel their liner has obnoxiously too much packaging? I got a studio line lip balm, and I was so annoyed by how large and bulky all that plastic was!

  4. You can say it again, when it comes to the prices! I'm from Romania....ELF here is triple!! And I'm not talking about the mineral or studio line (which are partially or non existent actually)! No, sir! Just for your basic, day to day one! I guess the further you are from USA....the more pricey it becomes. Oh well....*sobs a lil'*

  5. WOW, actually loving those. The two colours of liner you got really work well together. I'm in the UK so yeah, I rarely order from them because of the prices too. But loving that stardust colour so I might have to make an exception!

  6. i know what you mean! I get really angry too when I see Elf's new products on the US site and they take ages to load them on the UK site!! US customers are luckier than the average EU customers. ;(


  7. I have almost all the items from the studio line and I also find the packaging wasteful and unnecessary. The cream shadows and liners have worked well for me.

  8. The liner is really pretty. I'd actually heard they didn't stick around well.

  9. Wow.


  10. I'm also from Romania, like The Red Head, and I'm very disappointed about the prices from UK site being transformed in £ at an unknown rate.

    Also elf Romania disappointed me by not having at least the studio line complete if not the mineral line. I waited a long time to see if they are going to bring more studio products and then I decided to order studio blushes and eyeshadows from the UK site (where the £ exchange problem appeared).

    Awesome cream eyeliner color. :)

  11. Nice, I rally like the eyeliner, I'll probably order that one soon :)

  12. I tried one of your looks and credited you....just wish it turned out as good as yours! Take a look at my blog if you like! Thanks for all of the great ideas, you are awesome!!!!

  13. is the liquid liner safe for contact lens wearers?

  14. I've ordered from e.l.f. in the past. I will never do it again. The products are cheap in my opinion. The eyeshadows don't even last long enough to attempt to apply a new color.
    The powders are chalky. The false lashes are flimsy, etc. , etc.
    I could go on and on.
    I called the company to let them know what a letdown my order was. The reply was basically "tough luck. we don't do returns because our products are too cheap".
    Soooo. I'm never going to buy anything from them again!!!


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