May 13, 2013


Awhile back I was looking through some cosplay galleries, and saw some cool fawn cosplays. 
I thought it looked extremely cool, and decided to try it myself too:

Here you can see the makeup better:
I used
- Elite Paris primer
- MAC Mineralize Moisture SPF15 Foundation
- Maybelline FitMe foundation (lightest shade)
- MUFE Mat Bronze
- Illamasqua Vernau eyeshadow
- Sugarpill Tako eyeshadow
- Black gel liner
- Black pencil
- NYX Circe lipstick
- Sugarpill Supreme lashes

 I played with my PicsArt a bit and added some bokeh:

One more pic, without excessive use of photoshop:

 Ps. The light blue amazingly sweet polish on my nails is MAC's Bleu Velvet from Baking Beauties collection:
Yummy summer polish, been using it a whole week now everyday <3 p="">

May 9, 2013

Beast is blue.

Hank "Beast" McCoy is a character from Marvel universe.
He seems to look different in every single strip, but basically he is always furry and blue.

Kelsey Grammer from X-Men: The Last Stand
Some of Beast's appearances
This was my main inspiration for this look.

So my poor husband ended up as my model, and it was time to get blue!

When I started making the look I really had no idea what I was doing, as you can see from the pictures:

But I was quite happy with the result, the sideburns really made a difference!
(I made the sideburns from furry legwarmers, just cut two pieces off them and slapped them to my husbands face using some lash glue :P)

What else did I use besides legwarmers? MUFE 12 Flashcolor palette, MUG black eyeshadow, Sugarpill Velocity, MAC Blue Charge Zoom Lash mascara (quite perfect for turning the beard blue btw!) and white pencil.

Yes, quite heavily photoshopped, including the eyes.

 Funny, if you change the pic to black&white, he kinda looks like Wolverine too ;D

May 7, 2013

Sometimes, something so bad happens..

"People once believed that when someone dies, a crow carries their soul to the land of the dead. But sometimes, something so bad happens that a terrible sadness is carried with it and the soul can't rest. 
Then sometimes, just sometimes, the crow can bring that soul back to put the wrong things right. "

I've been a fan of the Crow since I was twelve.
Can't exactly remember which came first for me, movie or graphic novel, but I believe it was the graphic novel by James O'Barr. Anyway, I love them both equally.

 I have my own (very worn and loved) copy of the graphic novel, gotten as a present from my mom for my 13th birthday. One of the few things I have left of my mom, she died later that year:

For Karita, 26.5-98 Birthday present for a 13 year old. - Mom

Like said, I also love the movie. I love Brandon Lee's performance as Eric Draven, I think Brandon was the Heath Ledger of his time, in so many ways.

Anyway, since this still is a makeup blog, let's get back to makeup.


 I decided to do mash-up of both movie and graphic novel looks, include the scar etc.
Unfortunately I don't own a good wig for the look, so basic black wig it was:

One taken with the phone, without contact lens:

And few pics of how the look was made, in case anyone's interested:

PS. I'm not gonna talk about the "sequels" or the new movie they are making. There's only one Crow, and that's Brandon Lee.

May 5, 2013

What's up?

I've been waiting a good subject to post about, you know, like coming back with a bang, but anything hasn't really happened.

But I've been slowly starting to do makeup looks again (other than boring neutral everyday looks), and I thought I'd share some of them here too. They have been already been in my facebook page and instagram, but here are some of them again anyway:

Recently Illamasqua released a new collection, called Paranormal.

I came across their amazing promotional photo, and wanted to do my own version of it:

Mainly Illamasqua products used, Complement palette, Kontrol lipstick and Boost instense lipgloss.

 Then I wanted to try the Kim Kardashian makeup, mainly the skin-thing she does, and managed to do this:

I used a ton of products, something like 5 shades darker foundation that I normally use, white under my eyes etc. Not really your light everyday look -_-

As opposite to huge amount of makeup, I added some fake freckles to myself and went all "natural redhead": :D

 Then something different again, I went all R.
You know, from Warm Bodies? (Still haven't seen it though.)

Anyway, I wasn't pretty:

Then one of my favourite characters, Magenta from Rocky Horror Picture Show:

I was also doing makeup at the photoshoots, it made me realise how much I really suck at general photoshoot looks. I tend to over-do everything horribly. Well, now I know better.
some of the photoshoot pics here and here, by Iiris

For a moment, I also was Death:

Finally, I did a Borderlands look for my husband:

And last a test makeup for Mad Moxxi look from Borderlands:

So there.

Feb 26, 2013

Videotutorial: Everyday look + My makeup collection video!


I'm trying to be more comfortable with making videos, so here's two videos for you!

First we have a simple everyday look done with Makeup Geek shadows:

Watch the (silent) tutorial here:

No sound, because my kid was watching tv right next to me, and commenting everything, so I decided not to add sounds at all :P

And here's something you have requested for a long time, my makeup collection:

The containers holding all my loose shadows and pigments and samples are from store called Clas Ohlsson, and the black drawers are from Ikea, drawers are called 'Helmer'. Mine are OLD (10 years or older I guess, my husband has bought them before we even met), so some of the drawers don't even open anymore. :P But otherwise they are great! And the last drawer-thingie is from recycle center, so I can't really tell anything about it :/

Feb 14, 2013

Sweet Valentine's Day!

Here's a look I did to wish you all happy Valentine's Day!

Products used:

Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper (primer)
Sugarpill Tako
Sugarpill Dollypop & Love+
Lime Crime Fly Dragon Fly
Black gel liner from Makeup Geek
Glitters from Eye Kandy;
Sweet Tart (Darkest pink in liner)
Bubble Gum (Medium pink in liner, lower lashline and "lips")
Cotton Candy (blue pink in liner)
Lip print is made with OCC NSFW (I painted my lips, pressed them against thin plastic, then pressed the plastic against my lid )
Lashes are Sugarpill Flutter lashes, lower lashes from Faux

On lips there's MAC Outrageously Fun lipstick