Sep 5, 2010

Tutorial: Fangbanger

Hi everyone!

I didn't take any pics of my weekend's looks, but here's my look from friday, with tutorial!

I got a request to do a vampire look (specifically Victoria-copy from the movie called Vampires Suck), and I did a dark black look, which can be paired with almost any hair or lipcolor or costume:
(Fangs are from Scarecrow, I think closest nowdays are Saber Fangs. They are a bit big for regular vamp fangs though, so if you're planning to buy fangs from Scarecrow, take the regular ones.)

So here we go:

Eye primed, with Michael Todd Eyeshadow Base:

NYX Black Bean Jumbo Pencil all over the lid to intensify the black:

Any matte black shadow over the NYX Black Bean. I used Sugarpill Bulletproof:

Blend it well:

NYX Black Bean Jumbo Pencil to lower lashline:

...and black eyeshadow over it, a bit smudged:

Black liner to your waterline, I used MAC Blacktrack:

Matte white eyeshadow to highlight, I used Sugarpill Taco:

Some mascara:

And false lashes (from Elise) to enhance the look:

Eye makeup: Done!

Then you need white base, dark circles around your eyes (optional, of couse) fangs and costume!

And what it comes to my personal life outside makeup, I was at the Finnish Zoo yesterday with my family.
If you want to see photos, check out my facebook album here:
Day at Korkeasaari, Helsinki Zoo


  1. Love it! Very dramatic and edgy, but still pretty. And I LOVE how you do step-by-step tutorials that are just photos and text--I don't always want to sit through a video, you know?

  2. I really like your way of making .is really magnificent.

  3. i love this look. i have a tutorial in my blog just like yours about this make. beautiful!!!

  4. absolutely stunning! please could you tell us what you used for the red lips...maybe a tutorial! :D beautiful!!!

  5. Thank You! I didnt expect tutorial be ready so soon. and so easy ! And NYX products!
    I love you :)

  6. You are so talented! I love your blog, everyday i check it out om my iphone =) I Was thinking, have you ever tride doing sometning with inspiration from the AnimalKingdom? That would be awsome! //Cilla

  7. I really love your Blog!, and girl, really, i think you are the best make up artist ever! you have some amazing false lashes btw!
    have a nice week =)

  8. I so love your makae up! Every single one of them is great!

  9. Jes! Kiitos paljon, tätä juuri kaipailinkin!!!

  10. Thats one powerfull lady look . Nice . more! :)

  11. Vau...

    Hei, mistä tuo rokokoo -tyylinen peruukki?


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