Sep 3, 2010

Lash lust

Is there anything better than getting new stuff?

Here's what I got:

Sugarpill review with swatches coming up to later.

Here's some lashporn:

Of course I had to put my new sweeties to a test, here's a look I made with Sugarpill Mugpie, Sugarpill Afterparty and Illamasqua Debonair pencil. Lashes are Elise 112:

My yesterday's LOTD was made with Sugarpill Dollypop, Taco, Bulletproof and Poison Plum:

And here's a sneak peek to what's coming up, with tutorial!

OH, and I finally got all my tutorial under one page:
Just click the "tutorials" right under my blog's header!


  1. The purple makeup is very beautiful.

  2. *drewls* one of my fav stores is getting sugarpill...not very good for my budget, haha

  3. Pleasepleaseplease make a "how too put on falselashes"-tutorial! I don't know how much you should cut them or anything...
    I love your blog, its such an inspiation

  4. Wow! Just crazy how u are able to transform ur face ( not in a bad way). You got talent!!!

  5. Good, i hope youre making that request i made - Victoria look from vampires suck :D

    love the fangs ...

  6. And please Could you do any blacklight active makeup ? . i found those hot uv glow rave lenses at and wanna combine them with some really cool , sexy makeup for clubs . ive heard kryolan uv paints are good, could you try use them ? (or other uv makeup products,that are avaible worldwide - heavenly naturals/coastal scents uv pigments - im sure you know more that kinda products )

    it would be so orginal for halloween :)

  7. love the purple one, the blue is pretty too but for some reason i love the purple colors on the eyes

  8. Your looks are really amazing

  9. So much hawt.

    I wish I had the budget for Sugarpill, but I simply don't. I will appreciate it from a distance, like a stalker.


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